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Started on an UD 19.06.07:


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Well I have decided to start today. I have started on an UD because I am wanting to DD on Friday. Not quite sure what to expect from this but can't seem to 100% SS at the minute so hoping this will work for me.

Like I said on anotherthread I weigh in on a saturday morning at a weight watchers meeting just for accuracy on scales.

Today I have had a hoi sin duck wrap from greggs and a packet of crisps, then a rice krispie cereal bar. Not sure what having later but will update as and when.

To start off with on my DD I will have 2 cambridge shakes as i have about 20 to use up and make up cals with whatever i fancy at the time, but then after that might go for fruit and veg and salads and home made soups. I also noticed in boots at lunchtime they do shapers salads and the chicken was only 119 cals so this would be good on a DD also they do a ceaser chicken for 195 cals.

Worth bearing in mind if I can't do just the shakes!

My weight recently has been sparodic but I will start from my weigh in last saturday at WW which was 16 st 2 1/2 pounds i think!!! Mind you since then i have put on about 3 pounds according to my scales this morning, but need to just focus on my weekly weigh in.

So I am doing: -

DD Mon - Wed - Fri
UD Tue - Thur - Sat
ID - Sun

Thanks for your advice it has helped me decide what to do and I like the ID which I will eat but be very careful!!!

Thanks again and I will keep you all posted.
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Welcome aboard Wobbly - you will soon settle down to the pattern and enjoy it! Visit the eats and treats thread for low cal ideas and add any of your own!



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Well today is my first DD.

Yesterday's UD wasn't too bad, I had a greggs duck hoi sin wrap, and a packet of crisps with a rice krispie cereal bar thingy!!

Then had 2 mince beef crispy pancakes with a handful of oven chips and 2 bread buns (ooopppsss!)

Today I have had a good for you asda king prawn salad (117 cals) and a fruit salad (98 cals).so that's 215 up to now. Not too bad.

Need to go shopping for healthy options as i haven't much in with trying for so long to SS.


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I haven't had anything else as yet but am now wondering what to have to eat tonight. i have managed 4 litres of water though which i am pleased about.

Have just short of 300 cals left -- oohh any ideas anyone---

I have just bought a calorie counter book because this is one thing i haven't done before on a diet - normally points, sins etc.

Someone please reply!!!!


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Check out the low cal treats & eats thread.

Omelette & pancake recipe. If it was me I would have salad with some cheese or you could have ham, turkey or whatever & then with my sweet tooth I'd have vanilla ice cream with fruit or skinny cow mint choc ice cream.


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i am going to the supermarket on my way home i need fresh veg to make some soup for on my DD think it may fill more than salad...

Am fancying stir fry, i have a bag of the veg in the freezer and i think it was about 20 cals per handful!!! ( i am at work atm).

What is the best protein to put in it chicken or turkey cals wise!

Thanks for replying.
I think they are pretty similar, breast meat less than leg. Enjoy your meal, that's one great thing with this way of eating, you can take pleasure in food.


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Do look at the omlette recipe, I find that really keeps me going.

It does take some organisation to keep DD's low enough, i am going to try planning several in advance so that I know what I am doing!

Hope you getting on well this evening.

I did really well ended up having 550 cals for the day.

I had for my tea 8 carrs water biscuits - 112 cals
2 cheese triangles - 50 cals
ww garlic sausage 8 pieces - 60 cals

followed by strawberries and half a tub of mullerlight vanilla - cant remember the cals wrote it down at home think it was about 100.

So I got on the scales this morning and this is how it's going up to now: -

tues 16 st 4 half UD
wed 16 st 4 DD
thurs 16 st 1 UD

I made a pan of veg soup last night what i used to have as 0 points on WW and i have split it into 5 portions at 50 cals per portion.

I have even brought some today for my lunch with a salad wrap.

I will keep you updated but my plan is to try and keep quite healthy and low cals/points even on an UD but without being too strict and having what i fancy.

Bought some cereal in Asda strawberry crisp, it is quite high in cals etc but i might have a bowl for my tea and a bagel... mmmmmmmm...........
You are off to a great start. Managing the UDs is crucial, and as Barb says it is a really good idea to make sure you have enough DD stuff in the house.

Have a fun UD.
thanks for that.

My UD so far has been veg soup, salad wrap and an apple. Not sure what i am fancying for tea though.

Not too hungry with the sun shining!!!

:tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop:Also i have had over 4 litres of water up to now - tend to lay off it a bit on a night otherwise i am up all night peeing!!!


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Hows it going Wobbly? You are very quiet. Are you OK?
yeah I am fine. Not doing JUDDDD anymore am back on counting points, i gained half a pound on saturday morning.

I still pop on and read your posts and wish you luck
Good luck with the point system, I realise that JUDDD isn't for everyone. I'm sure you'll get your weight down on a diet you are comfortable with.

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