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Started on Lipotrim 2day. Do ppl mix the shakes with more water?


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Hi Everyone :sign0144:

I started the Lipotrim diet today. Had vanilla as my first shake. Wasnt too bad i guess. I was wondering if i should make it with more water so i feel like i should have more. A 250ml serving just seems too small.

I am beginning to feel hungry but i am determined to get through this. I know it will be better once the Ketones kick in.

Trying not to think about it. Taking one day at a time and just think of the outcome, it will be worth it

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I personally add more water as i find it tastes much better. I just keep adding more and more until it tastes ok. For the chocolate i add less water than the strawberry as i dont mind the chocolate taste but i add water until theres no strawberry taste left. I think its really down to personal taste and more water intake can only be a good thing. Good luck xx

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I don't add extra water but do add ice!


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Thank you i may try adding more water to my strawberry shake that i have for lunch.

How do you add ice. Sorry for sounding dumb, do you add ice cubes to the shake, crushed ice or do you put it all in a blender?


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Hi hun,i always make my shakes with at least 400ml,they dont loose taste to me and it helps with water intake as i struggle with 2 litres a a day.


mrs bee

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I put it all in a blender and blitz it, makes quite a thick shake then!!:D

Thank you i may try adding more water to my strawberry shake that i have for lunch.

How do you add ice. Sorry for sounding dumb, do you add ice cubes to the shake, crushed ice or do you put it all in a blender?
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Hi All

I am off later to my frist WI and to get my first weeks supply of LT , which i will start tuesday however i am worried about what blender is required ...reading this thread i see most add ice in ... i was going to get a cheepie from argos but now thinking i might need a better one any ideas ?

wannabesize10 xx

mrs bee

doesn't like the rain!
cheepy one will be fine I am sure, I would have bought the cheapest if I hadn't already had a food processor/blender at home!
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I make my shakes up to fill a pint glass, i find i get hungry if i use less water, and this fills me up for hours
Adding extra water not only fills you up more, you get more flavoured water to drink AND you're adding to your daily intake of water. There is no harm in it - only good! xxx
I always add more water!!! :party0027:
As everyone has said it really helps with the water intake! At night i make peppermint tea using two teabags to make it as strong as possible and around 400 mls hot water (have to let it cool down before adding the chocolate shake as i've nothing suitable to shake hot liquids!!! Also if you do shake it with warm liquids it tends to get foamy which i don't like!:strikeout_button:) Then i shake it up and put it all in a saucepan, heat it up put it into a large mug and sit in front of the tv!!! It feels so indulgent in comparison to the regular shakes!!!:eatdrink023:
Good luck with your first week:happy036:
Thank you for the tip with the peppermint tea and the chocolate sachet i will definately give it a go
oh Kandi the peppermint tea and choc is divine seriously good. Also I dont even drink coffee but bought myself a really nice huge huge mug and have vanilla with hot water spoon of coffee and 2 sweetner tabs and its like a latte and I have it at 8 every nite suggled up with a quilt.nothing better!!good luck!!I also split the shake to give me 6 a day.michelle.
I was thinking of splitting my shakes but my pharmacist said not to. I can see that you have lost loads so it cant be too bad
ya I think sometimes pharamacists get the basic info and are afraid to deviate from it.My friend works in unicare and says its fine as long as you dont make it up and keep it as it should be drunk within 20 mins.I just roughly gauge half the pack and away I go.I think this diet is a very individual thing and I listen to no one except me and my body now.I sometimes have the soup with garlic powder or chilli flakes and lipo headquarters say dont but I follow my own rules (such a rebel..not). I've still lost weight regularly.good luck!!!
I tried the soup for dinner. It wasn't too bad but i did sprinke black pepper and chilli flakes on it. I made it with quite a bit of water so i had a nice big bowl. Will try choc and mint tea 2mo for breakfast


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I always add loads more water to my shakes like to have a nice full glass with ice too:)

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