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Started today

Well this is Day 1 for me (again lol). I came back in November but after my gran passed away i lost all motivation and hid away for a while! She always supported me in this journey so im here until i complete my journey! Feels so good sayin that haha!

anyway day 1....going good so far, got a bit of a headache but nothin major!

be good getting to know everyone again, and hope you all had a ncie xmas and new year!

Mandy xx
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Hi Mandy and welcome back, i am starting tomorrow and really can't wait. Looking forward to reading your posts x
Thanks Kate! I had planned to start tomorrow but for once im actually sick of the sight of food (lol) so started a day early! Good luck in your journey :) xx


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Welcome back Mandy and good luck on your journey. It's hard when you lose someone that's so close and helps us along. I fell of the wagon a few years back when Dad died, but now it's the right time for me to sort things out. Really hope all goes well for you as you get into ketosis and start losing the weight.
happy new year :)
Thanks! Yeah its very hard. Its been hard just gettin thru the first xmas and new year without her...i couldnt have faced this too. But im ready now! Thanks again xx
Hey hun! oh cool i love when u meet someone with similar weights and goals to your own.....will very much look forward to your posts! Looks like were both in it for the long haul, but im sure we'll get there!! xxx
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Hi ladies its my first day and ive had my tea and im so hungry already any ideas to take my mind off food????
Hope everybody is doing well.
Hi Halo! Nice to meet you!

First few days are always the hardest. I find that splitting the packs in half helps....gives u more "meal" times lol. Im struggling with hunger pangs today too but trying to keep my last pack til half 7 as i struggle more at night. Ive just been and bought myself a magazine and when i opened it the first story i read was about someone who lost 8 stone in 5 months on a meal replacement diet so thats perked me up a bit for tonight. Have a long hot bath, read a book....whatever it takes. You will get thru the hungry phase....look forward to day 4 or 5...it eases a LOT when ketosis kicks in. Good luck! xx
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Thanks Babe nice to meet you too :) yeah might try splitting packs good idea. Dont think im drinking enough water so think ill have a bath and have 2 pints in there lol. I really want to stick at this as my dad gets married 20th Feb and id love to look nice for then. Im doing the working solution which are you doing?
Thanks honey:)

Halo im doing total solution.....i dont want to introduce food just yet. I tried working source a few months back and as soon as i introduced foos into the mix i tended to cheat a lot lol. Im sure you'll reach your goal in no time, especially as you have something to aim for!

I plan to do total solution until ive lost all bar 1stone then move to working solution for the last stone. Thats the plan anyway, but guess just have to take each day as it comes xx


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Welcome back Mandy!

It is a very difficult when you lose someone you were especially close to like your Gran and it takes time to come to terms with such a huge loss in your life.

Good luck with starting back on your diet journey:hug99:
S: 12st10lb C: 11st12lb G: 10st10lb Loss: 0st12lb(6.74%)
I hope you do well just had my bar and a massive cup of water with fresh lemon. Think i will just go to sleep so i stop thinking of food lol. You must be determind to do that option i hope it works for you babe. Im planning on taking my little lad for a massive walk tomorrow and clean the house from top to bottom just so i dont sit there getting hungry.
Talk soon xxxxx
Yep done and dusted! Altho i had a very near cheat last night....hence the early night. Was sitting watching TV and thinking "its not worth this hnger!"...lol. Moment of madness led me to switching on the oven and throwing in some spring rolls.....the minte i could smell them cooking i switched the oven off, threw them out and dived under the duvet! Argh....very close but i think deep down i knew i was never goin to eat them! Feel better today tho....looking forward to wed or thurs when ketosis will make an appearance x