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Started today!

Oh ok thanks. Anyone feel really cold when they started? I'm freezing and my OH is boiling with the fire on!
not a problem :) I do feel freezing sometimes I just have to go and put something warm on. How long have you been on the diet? Im fairly new to this so Im guessing its just my body getting used to it? Sorry not being much help!
Just started today so getting used to it at the moment! How long have you been doing it and how is it going?
im just into my third week and ive lost a stone already. It does get so much easier once the first few days are over and done with!! which plan are you doing?
Well done. I'm really looking fwd to shifting some too. Starting with SS and see how I go. What about you? Much to lose? I have a whopping 5 stone to lose!
I would love to loose loads but i would be happy with about 5/6 (Im getting married and I dont want to look like i do now!!) I'm doing SS too. Do you like the shakes e.t.c that you have had today?


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I've done this diet constantly more than once for several months at a time...... I've not put it all back on n started Avon I've just lost the weight in stages...... It gets easier (though I fell off the wagon big time today) the coldness for me never goes away!!

I got it first time round on cd and get it every time now especially hands n feet but then again I'm always cold when not on cd now my family think it's coz I've lost 8 stones worth of insulation Pmsl though my docs questioning circulation

So I may not be the best person to comment but the coldness is a b***h
Thanks all I'll just stick with the hoodie and take it as a good sign then. Pleasantly surprised by taste of what I had today, apple and cinnamon porridge, banana shake and oriental soup!
Good luck on yr cd journey. Im on my 12th week and lost 3 and half stone so far. The coldness gies away after week 3 but it can be really hard at the start x
Thanks all for your support. End of day two intact still hungry and still cold but marginally better than yesterday. When does it start to get easier?
I wont lie the 1st week is tough but once you start seeing results it gets easier. I just kept myself busy, I still find dinner time hard as I have 3 kids and a hubby to feed so j just go off and do something. How much do you want to loose?
Thanks Vicky, I don't feel too bad just hungry :) I've got 5 stone to lose all on so long haul ahead. I'm hoping the hunger will settle down a little though or I guess I'll just get used to it in the background. How much have you got to lose and how's it going so far?!
How are you getting on? I found that by end if day four if you've stuck to it 100% you should be less hungry/have more energy, although you might always be cold and if I'm honest I'm still hungry. I just have a hot drink with a splash of skimmed milk ( I'm on ss but my CDC did say the odd splash wouldn't hurt and 16lbs in less than 2 weeks is testament to that) and tell myself I will be thin:)


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I'm on week 4 but I'm a cold person anyway so am still freezing! Have never worn my slippers with such thick socks on as well! He he.

It has got easier and I'm looking forward to reaching my goal now rather than thinking about being hungry.
On day four now and feeling much better and hunger easing loads. Feeling less bloated already and really positive. 16lb in two weeks is great well done :) still cold in evenings but can cope with that.