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Started Tuesday - Finding It Hard Already

Hi there, found this post today whilst surfing the Internet and it's great. I re-started LL for the second time on Tuesday and am finding it so hard, can't remember if I found it so hard last time. I lost 6 and a half stone over a year ago, felt fantastic, got pregant and put back 5 stone, oh well. My baby is now 13 weeks old and I am desperate to get back to where I was before feeling fabulous. I am not doing counselling at the moment as it's impossible with the baby but this site is so supportive. It's day 3 and I am finding it so hard to cope and I am so hungry, do you know when it is going to get better and at certain times during the day I wonder if I can carry on whilst looking after my baby and son because the hunger is making me feel weak. Help.

Bye for now
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Hiya Caz,

I have just restarted myself after doing the diet a year ago. I put all of the weight back on too, but unfortunately I don't have the excuse of having a baby!!

I've made it to day 16, and really didn't think I would!! It is harder the second time around, I suppose the first time you're much more excited? Or maybe it was just as hard but we don't remember that and only remember the fab weight loss?!

You've done it before, so you know that the first few days are a killer, but then it does get easier:D

Just do everything you can to keep your mind off the hunger, and in a couple of days you'll be feeling much better.

Stick with it, it's worth it!!

Good luck :D :D


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How you doing the diet without the Councelling. I thought this was a must??

It must be more of a struggle with a new baby and another child due to the competing demands and sleepless nights! :superwoman:

I am only on day 14, but glad I came through the first week. You are nearly over the hump if you can go a bit longer and try and drink the water to keep you a bit more full.

It will be worth it, but you know that from last time.

Take care, and keep us posted.

ps how come you are able to have packs without counselling or are they purchased from elsewhere?
Just hang in there and it will be worth it! It is hard (& I'm just on day 1!!) but trying to focus on the fact that it will be worth it in the end. If yu're not doing the councelling would you not be better with cambridge diet as its half the price because of that! As the others said the councelling is an integral part of LL so unsure why you're not having the councelling? Up to you I guess but for me just wouldnt be worth it otherwise!
Hiya all

Thanks for your messages of support. I guess the reason I am not doing the counselling at the moment is with my new baby I just don't have the time in the day or childcare and come the evening I am exhausted. Because this is my second time I have done the counselling the first time round so am aware of all the issues and have the books so felt that I could do it like that and hence this second time will try to. I still get the packs from my LL Counsellor who is happy as it's my second attempt to just have me pick up packs and weigh and having support on this site is great because when I can catch 20 minutes I log in. I did consider the Cambridge Diet but it was only 3 sachets and less calories and I wasn't happy about that and because I know i've lost weight on LL before I felt happier going back there.

HI! welcome too!! Why dont you take the litttle one to counselling too? At that age they'll prob just sleep??? Or maybe not!!;o)

I assume you're not breast feeding as I'm sure LL would be just too much withthat draining your energy too..

Keep talking.. we'll help you through.. you came to the best place for support... (((HUG)))
Hi Ive just completed my first week,and I understand how hard it can be, I dont think Ive ever felt so rough, im now on day 8 and I have never felt better.Im not even struggling with the water and I was the diet coke queen:p and the best bit is I dont even feel hungry
Hi there, Hang on in there! I'm on day 2 and have to say I feel quite "odd" - finding it hard to concentrate & tummy is runbling!! It is bound to take us time to adjust as its so alien to what we do normally! (ie stuff food!)...I'm trying to focus on the end results! Dreamed last night that I had eaten & felt (in my dream!) gutted that I had but forgot I wasnt meant to be eating! How are you finding the packs?
Try & fit in the group sessions - its not just about the counc but the group support that makes a huge difference & its a shame to miss out on the when you're paying for it too!! Hang on in there! We'll get there!

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