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Started xenical today


soon to be skinny minnie
Hi everyone, i've crossed over from slimming world. I love the sw diet but yesterday my gp prescribed xenical so i have started it this morning. I'm hoping i can get rid of this weight once and for all.

I must admit i'm slightly worried about side effects but if i follow the plan i should be ok right?

So far i have had 40g porridge oats with 150ml skimmed milk and 200ml of fresh orange juice. Does that sound ok?? I haven't decided on lunch or dinner yet.

Looking forward to getting to know everyone on this part of the forum.

Hope everyone has a good day xx
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Hey Betty,

I'm new to Xenical too. Have done Slimming World in the past and all the other diets out there.

Not really worked out what I can and can't eat yet, but only started this week, I think from what I have read in different places about it, its all about finding out what doesn't sit well with you and avoiding it.

Welcome to Xenical part of the site and good luck with your journey to a new slimmer you :D xx


gunna be a fatty for ever
hey welcome to xenical!

your breakie sounds yummy! you wont experience the side effects if u stick to no more than 15g of fat per meal and no more than 5g of fat per 100g! some people like to keep a food dairy to look back on to see what may have caused them problems!! www.myfitnesspal.co.uk is a good way of finding out the fat contents of foods! i struggled with the content of raw foods that dont walways list things!

good luck on your journey an post lots!!

love katie


soon to be skinny minnie
Thanks ladies, katie can i just ask how long you have been on xenical and how much have you lost, i just kinda want to know what to expect to lose x
hiya from a fellow SW-er! :D welcome to the dark side :giggle: xx


Go on smile! =)
I lost 17lbs in about 6weeks or so :p Along with gym 3/4 times a week for an hour.
Hi Betty, I have been on the pills just over 2 weeks and so far no side effects but I have been really good and not going over the recommeded fat intake I am too scared of the side effects. My first weigh in is in two weeks so I will know then If I am doing it right fingers crossed


gunna be a fatty for ever
Thanks ladies, katie can i just ask how long you have been on xenical and how much have you lost, i just kinda want to know what to expect to lose x
well ive beem on them since jan! i kinda messed arounf for the first 5 months an only lost half a stone in this time! since i joined minis in may i kicked my self up the bum and along with the support of the people from here i have lost 26lbs! An feel so much better for it!

I guess when i was pescribed them i tought it would be a doddle but it was compleatly the oposit! ive still got lots of food demons and i have a lot of days when i could throw in the towel! but the best part of the journey is visitin your docs and seeing the lbs drop off! i do struggle with gettin weighed once a month so i bought my own scales to see the results weekly! however i do find my self hopin on them breakfast lunch and dinner so i guess im a serial weigher!! But xenical teaches you a whole life style change! my eatin habits are sooo much better than 2008!

hope that helps! sorry if i rambled on a bit heheheh just ask if u need any thing else

love katie
Good luck Bettylollypop x
welcome to the family x

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