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Starting 1st sept. anyone else?

Ive jus started aswell...or shud i say re started
I am starting tomorrow too !! I have done CD before , I lost 6.5 stone on LT and CD , came off it 3 months ago as I had been on TFR for about 6 months , did Slimming world for the last 3 months and not lost much , but managed to maintain ok (apart from the usual 7 lb recarb gain ..) so back to it to loose the last 2 stone .. good luck everyone , I know we can all do it ... get the first week out of the way and it flies by :)


reaching my goal
Hi everyone , Im starting tomoz seen my consultant today , so im excited about getting started . Ive done exante before and lost around 20lbs but gained most of it back . So good luck to everyone hope we all have an amazing weightloss.
I did it once b4 but fell preg. Just hoping that doesnt happen again lol im sure we will all do it. tho i expect it wont be easy. tho im looking forward to savin money for xmas!!


This will be my year

I'm starting back tomorrow too. I did CD a couple of years ago and lost over 4 stones, but didn't go up through the plans and have put it all back on... plus more besides :eek: I've learned my lesson, so here I am for what I'm determined will be my final time.

Good luck to all the starters and restarters this week

Vicki x



reaching my goal
Goodluck everyone , hope it isnt to hard but it will be worth it at the end .


My husband = My hero
Hi chick

I'm starting tomorrow too

going to see my CDC tonight at 8

not sure how much pregnancy an post
pregnancy weight I have put on so we shall see!!

Here's to a happy weight loss filled next 6 months! Xx


This will be my year
Hi ladies,

How is everyone today?

Well, I've managed to get this far... though I was getting some funny looks in a meeting this afternoon when my stomach was making its presence heard by growling as loudly as possible! :D

I'm interested to hear how is everybody planning to get through the first few days? My OH is working away, so I'll find the evenings hard as it's just me and the little dog in the house. I treated myself to some smellies and body cream to hopefully firm up the worst of the saggy skin, and I'm planning to have a pamper session every night. Then it's off to bed for an early night with the guide books for our Florida holiday in January, to plan all the things I'll do when we get there that I've never had the guts (or too much gut, whichever way you look at it!) to do before. This year, I'll be in the water, in a wetsuit, to go snorkelling with the manatee... and without getting mistaken for one ;)

Vicki x
I was also wondering how everyone was doing... I have definitely had moments of being hungry today, but just trying to get through it. I guess no one said it would be easy. Thankfully I am somone who loves water, so I drink a big glass when getting the munchies.

I generally go to Florida every year as well...Have never had confidence in a swimsuit...Would be nice if I did.

Well one day down, a few more to go....;)
Hey everyone how are those of us that started today getting on ?? Its 7 pm and I have had 3.5 litres of water so far , an A& C porridge for lunch ( that didnt taste as nice as I remember ..) and a banana shake for tea ( which was also a little yucky .. but I know you get used to them as your tatse buds forget the taste of coke and chocolate !!!)
I found myself meeting friends in a pub with the kids after lunch , and everyone was eating crisps and drinking coke ( which I love ) , and the food smelt amazing , but I was strong and to be honest its been much easier today than my 1st day when I did TFR first time :)
I was dreading it to be honest as everyone says its much harder the 2nd time , but it feels easier so far ..maybe its because I KNOW that this time next week I wont be hungry , i will have more energy than ever , and will have lost lots of nasty weight !! I also know that this time I only have 2- 2.5 stone to loose rather than 8 .. so know I wont be on it long :)

I hope everyone else is doing well , I have started a diary in the CD diary sticky .. would be good to all post on there and record how we are all getting on :)


This will be my year
Hi Sandra,

Which part of Florida? We were down near Fort Myers last September when the temp hit over 100 degrees and oh boy, did I suffer! I was swimming in the pool at the villa morning and night, but only because I knew it wasn't overlooked... I would never have the confidence to do it if anybody but my OH could see me.

This time we're going to the Homosassa/Crystal River area, mainly because I love manatee and my OH has promised me a trip to go swimming with them, which has always been my dream. I can't let him, or myself, down by bottling it because I'm too big to dare to wear a wetsuit.

You will have confidence in a swimsuit by the enxt holiday, as will I, and we'll give those Florida beach bunnies a run for their money :D