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starting 2morrow waiting for delivery today


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hi, i started today, so far so good.


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I'm going to do 3 and a meal as i miss food too much to go without it; have tried several times to do exante total and failed so am going to try sns with the protein option. What are you planning?
Have you ordered a months worth or samples
i still have some exante shakes left so i had one of those for breakfast. Had milk chocolate vanilla and almond bar for lunch sliced it into about 20 pieces and ate it with a bottle of water - it was alright, quite nice actually. going to have stir fry chicken tonight followed by a sns shake.
Exante shakes are higher cal so only going to have 1 a day to use them up. I ordered 20 samples from sns so am going to work out which i like before ordering months supply.
Good luck with the plan ladies. Deffo try the samples first before doing a big order

Look.forward to seeing your results Xx start a diary too helps for support x
I'm doin 4 see how that goes ... I ordered different onces that I liked the look of lol I think the samples were higher priced? I only got a weeks worth tho...coz of the cost. Do the shakes taste like slim fast ones? I tried them before n thought they were vile lol do u have to cook for other family members? I think I will find that the hardest. When wud u say I shud order next weeks parcel to be
No they don't taste like slim fast. Try and see, if you don't like shakes you don't have to have them. Lots of products to choose from

Delivery is next working day if you order by lunchtime

Try the samples and see then commit to the months. The samples are cheaper so you can try before the full order.

Yes I've lost all on slim and save :) I cook for my other half and stepkids everyday. When I started I asked them to help until I got into the swing if things

No need to commit to 3 or 4 packs , you can mix and match, see what suits

Hope that helps x
You've done really well with it by the sounds of things :) has it been really difficult to stick to? Have u had any slip ups or kept to it absolutely 100 % ? I've got 3 little ones to cook for... 6yrs 4yrs an 18months... no partner to feed tho :) x
Once you get past the first week its much easier hunny

Course I've had slip ups LOL don't think anyone hasn't, just keep at it, it works

Good luck hun, make sure you start a diary Xx
In my opinion, all the S&S food is really nice - there's only one pack I really don't like (the porridge) and a few things that are just ok (hazelnut shake, strawberry shake) but overall it's all pretty yummy.
good im glad other people r saying its nice :) i dont usually have breakfast untill around 11... but will try 2morrow earlier as i need to go out to meet a friend and i havent told anyone im gonna be doing this.. dont want him to laugh :D pink.. youve also done really well :) keep up the good work xx
Hi just wishing u good luck :) I started last tues,first weigh in tomorrow morning!
Iv been lucky and had a pretty easy first week,loved all the meals/bars iv tried,have porridge everyday but alot of people tend not to like it.I steer clear of the shakes just coz I like to feel like I'm eating a proper meal,the curry and spag bol are my faves :)
Throw them out!!

Warm drink, water, distractions, nibble some veg. You can do it xxx
Wish I cud... I am at my nans an usually I sit here n munch the day away. The kids are eating some atm. Also the most stressful time of day comin up .. dinner time. My kids are really fussy with food... x

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