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Starting again on Monday- not SSing... any tips for different plans??

Hi all, you may be aware that the last few weeks I have come off SS and trying to go it alone.

After the initial 3lbs gain in the first few days of coming off, which is to be expected, I have maintained, but not gained or lost. I want to continue losing but now that I have joined the gym I feel that I will need more calories to make sure I have enough energy!! Also I quite like the idea of not ruling out food completely as I do find that it distorts my relationship with food!

So, I am going to do one of the higher CD plans, but was wondering if anyone is doing these which you would recommend. I am thinking I would prefer to do 2 shakes a day and 1 meal.... what do you reckon is the best plan?

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Hi, I've just bought celebrity slim -it is kind of like the cambridge stages where you eat -2 replacement shakes, 3 small proteiny snacks and a protein based meal -so you eat six times a day if you count the shakes as eating.
Hiya im kinda on the same road as you, i just started having a CD shake in the morning than i make sandwiches at home, brown bread no butter, and have maybe one or two friuts a day and than a shake for dinner.. so far i have lost a little but i need to keep it up for abit to really see results.. good luck with your plan im actually abit confused myself, lol
Hiya babes

Think if memory serves if you are looking to drop to two shakes a day you need to be looking at the 1200 plan, lots of tasty choices and three meals a day - you will be spoilt for choice!!

Good luck

Hey hun,

Well I have been looking in my yellow book at the 1000 cals plan and it sounds good as you get breakfast, lunch, dinner and 2 shakes. Does anyone know what losses I could expect on the 1000plan? Gonna start a new thread asking this q, apologies if you are reading this for the second time, just need an idea!!

Ooops my mistake thought it was 1200 for two shakes. It can obviously vary but 2lb per week would probably be a good average on 1000 plan.

hmmm 2lb a week is quite good really, just a bit worried bout forking out for the CD stuff AND food, then only losing 2lb compared to the 3-4 on SS. But I guess 2lb a week is 8lb a month, so if I did that I could be at goal in 3 months :D x
There's always 790, food but losses similar to SS?

How about planning your meal so that you have it just before you exercise, perhaps try it and see how you go in terms of energy.

Thats a good plan Georgie old pal! Quick Q for ya, in the yellow book it says that on 810 you wont be in ketosis due to increased carbs, but on 790 in the olde days it said you would be! If I am going to be on very low cals I need to make sure I am in ketosis otherwise will feel hungry all the time. Whats the difference between the new 810 compared to old 790 (apart from cals obv!)??? x
all this talk of cd makes me miss it! Good luck anyways wannbeslim and Porgeous...you look gorgeous! ;)
all this talk of cd makes me miss it! Good luck anyways wannbeslim and Porgeous...you look gorgeous! ;)
Thanks BR! xx

ooo you got me there hun as I don't know what the 810 plan is, I'm old school!! I know on 790 I didn't go out of ketosis but some do, if you keep the carbs low you should be okay I would of thought.


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