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Starting again tomorrow


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hopefully... just waiting to hear back from CDC.

I've had several attempts at restarting Cambridge after being successful with LL in 2006. Always found it tough to get through those first few days (headaches, lethargy etc) but think really just wasn't in the right head space, if you know what I mean.

I am now working full time in a busy job, so think it will be easier to stick with it, rather than being at home bored and tempted to nibble. I feel a bit of a fraud cos I have tried so many things and said many times "this is my last CD attempt, never gonna do it again if this fails" BUT everything else is so slow that it would take at least a year to lose what I need to.

Anyway, no self-pity this time - this is my choice and I will approach it as just that.

That was all a bit self-centred so will stop talking about me now:eek: Hope everyone else restarting this week is getting on OK. It seems like there is a lot of success on this board at the moment:D

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Hi Nat
I restarted on Monday. I have tried to restart a few times over the last few weeks and never did well enough to get into ketosis and then gave up. I then put on some of the weight I had lost and that kicked me into touch. I'm in ketosis and motivated at the moment. I didn't get the headaches this time at all (although I have been flippin hungry) - so it may not be as bad as you think. Good luck!



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Thanks for your replies:) I have got an appointment with CDC next Tuesday, so will start on Weds next week. Quite good timing as Hubby can help at weekend with kids on days 4 & 5, which is when headaches normally kick in.

k-9 - well done on sticking with it, really good to hear you haven't suffered bad heads but poor you feeling hungry.
Hi Nat

Good for you for being positive and doing something about it.

Good luck for Wed I may be started complete SSing then will let you know.

Glad you are doing well K9 keep it up.


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Start cutting down on your carbs now hun should help with the headaches ect

Dont be sorry about talking about you that is what this is all about and at the mo you need to concetrat on you xx when you have settled into your journey you will be ready to be there for everyone else xx.

Good luck you know what you have to do and the hard bit is only for couple of days you can do that your strong xxx

Dont be frightened of coming on here when things arnt going well we have all been there and are ready to help xx
Good luck for Wednesday Nat. I'm in the groove now and feeling very positive. It doesn't take long, provided your head is in the right place.
Hi Guys, Im start back today, I posted last week or the week before but food got the better of me. But i have to do it now as the big holiday is only in July an i have 3 stone to shift, not that im expecting to do it by then but i hope to be well on the way. I have been really dishearted about gaining weight. An i have dreamed of the day im happen to walk into top shop and try on a size12 jeans and for them to fit. So here goes. Wish me luck im gonna need it.

Just thought i would add my ticker
Hi Rach
Welcome back. Lots of good luck vibes winging their way to you.
Hiya, Good luck to all who is restarting. I'm making another attempt on Monday too. We can do it!! xx

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