Starting again without class.....HELP!!


Back again!!
S: 115.21kg C: 99.34kg G: 76.2kg BMI: 34.3 Loss: 15.9kg(13.78%)
Hey guys

I started SW on 19th October and have so far lost a stone and half going to group (and I'd lost a little bit on my own before starting group).
I really want to start getting into swimming and aqua aerobics again and my old gym has reduced it's membership to £25 a month. There's a pool and they run about 8 aqua classes a week and I literally have to pass it to get to work and home every day.
The only problem is that if I join the gym I wont be able to afford to go to group anymore because I desperately need a new car so am saving as much as possible.
Just wondered if any home weighers out there have any tips, advice etc for keeping on track and motivated without group. I never really found image therapy any help when I did go but found I stuck to it more when I knew I was getting weighed every week. I get all my recipes from here anyway so I was literally paying a fiver to get weighed.
Good idea or bad? I'm thinking that the exercise benefits would outweigh the getting weighed at group ones but just wondered if anyone else had any experience of doing it both ways and which they found best?
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Lost in the Supermarket
S: 16st2lb C: 14st10lb G: 10st5lb BMI: 33.2 Loss: 1st6lb(8.85%)
Hi Sarah Lou. It sounds as if you are doing really well so far and it's great that you want to incorporate exercise into your plan. I know it would be lying (lets go with fibbing) but could you tell your consultant that you are working shifts and only make group once a month?

That way you have the money for exercise as well as a monthly weigh in to keep you on track?

Good luck honey x


Back again!!
S: 115.21kg C: 99.34kg G: 76.2kg BMI: 34.3 Loss: 15.9kg(13.78%)
Oooh I suppose I could. I do work shifts anyway so it's not even fibbing!!!! I've got a feeling I've gained a pound (or 7!!) so gonna get back on it before I do go back.
Brilliant idea!! Thankyou :)