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Starting again


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i think it varies from each CDC. I didn't pay a registration fee and pay £1.75 for shakes/soups and £2 for bars/tetras and £6.95 for the Golven Veg savoury drink.
strange that you had to pay a "registration fee", if I were you I would contact Cambridge direct and ask for clarification on that x


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I've had 3 different CDCs and neither have ever charged me a registration fee. I don't think that's common practice.
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I have never opaid a registration fee either, i know prices vary for packs but not heard of a registration fee



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I would def contact the Cambridge Diet headquaters as i have never known or heard of a registration fee :confused:

My CDC charges £1.70 a shake / soup and £1.90 for a brick or bar.
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I used to go to a CDC who charged a reg fee but she also gave me a free shaker cup and stuff in a starter pack so that was why she charged it. But my current CDC did not charge. And I pay £2 / brick or bar and £1.80 for soups or shakes.

However the prices do depend on the CDC and I recommend you shop around to find the cheapest one. I, for example, inquired re prices to all the CDCs in my area and decided to go with mine because of location and convenience, although she is not the cheapest around. I would reccomend you do the same as, even if you find a cheaper CDC but it's out of your way, you are less likely keep up your appointments with them.

Hope that helps?

Lisa D

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I have been to 4 different CDC's (yeah I know, I am a serial restarter) and have never paid a registration fee, at present I buy 7 days worth of shakes at a time and i'm sure it comes to £39.95, never had any bars so can't comment on that, but I think it seems a bit expensive.


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It does vary a lot. I didn't pay a registration fee, but I do pay more for the packs. I pay 1.90 per shake/soup and 2.20 for tetras. I also paid 8.00 for my mix a mousse and water flavour. I guess it really depends on the CDC. I can't really shop around as there aren't any others near me. Besides, I like the one I have so am happy to pay a bit more.

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