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Starting again.........


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I am starting again for the hundreth time to lose this weight.
I am 32 years old and am not massively overweight but need to lose 2 stone. It isn't that much, but it is getting me down so much. I have made so many goals over the last three years and not achieved any of them. The annoying thing is that while I was pregnant I only put on 1stone 10 pounds, this I lost within the first month after having my little boy. In the 3 years since I have piled on the 2 stone, quite annoying really!!!
Anyway, I have tried to lose this weight numerous times and lost the same 7-10 pounds and then got slack with what ever diet I am doing and then regained the weight.
I am currently, as of this morning 11 7 and would love to get down to 9 7, now as a realistic goal I would like to get to this weight by 1st September, 17 weeks to lose 28 pounds.
For my own motivation, I am going to update this diary every day with what I am eating and what I have been doing, it will probably be very boring though sorry!!!
I am a holiday is 6 weeks time and would love to lose 7-10pounds by then (well I would like to lose the whole 2stone by then, but can't see that happening!!!)
My plan is to eat healthily, stick to approx 1200 cals a day, low fat and lowish carbs (ie not pigging out on massive bagettes, piles of chips, instead sticking to wholemeal pasta, butternut squash, sweet potato etc) also I need to drink beftween 2-3 litres of water a day
I want to cut down on alcohol, which if I want to stick to 1200 calories, I need to anyway. And also learn to choose the healthy option when going out for meals instead of pretending it doesn't count if I get the meal with the highest calories.
I know where my problem areas are with eating, I just need to control myself and also get a bit more organised eg: meal planning for the week, do a full weekly shop and stop popping into the shop round the corner every other day for food - it will hopefully save me some pennies too.
I do need to start doing a bit of exercise, but I think I'll think about that once I start losing some weight and get my head round it all.

OK, so Day 1
Weight - 11 7
Breakfast - banana and apple 150 calories
Lunch - Wholemeal Pasta, salmon, sweetcorn, ELF Mayo guess 500 calories
Dinner - WW meal with veg 400
Total - 1050 calories
Drinks - 1 tea, aim for 3 litres water

Feeling quite positive about this, although a bit fed up as have been at this stage so many times before. I just really want to succeed and not give up at the first hurdle
Have evening to myself tonight, so will plan the next weeks meals and order food online for the first time!!

I'll be back to update tomorrow to see whether I have stuck to the above!!!
Hope everyone has a good day
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Hiya and welcome

You can do this, we all can, it's finding what is right for us. If you look at my diary I've been on quite a journey this year.

Anyway I have made a decision to go back to WW this saturday morning and get my head in gear and change my lifestyle for good.

No more fad quick fix diets for me, they make me to miserable.

Will pop back tomorrow and see how you are getting on x x


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Hi Lhs, Soo - what is different this time?

I ask as I have been there so many times before as well and it feels like being up against a brick wall, doesn't it? .... :banghead:

I have found that having a more relaxed attitude helps immensely not only in regard to keeping on track but also the body works much better when not full of angst. My outlook now is that no foods are "bad" and therefore when I eat something off the programme it is a "choice" that I make and I can enjoy and accept that I made it without going down the road of labelling myself a failure or useless. More often than not, any "blip" can be utilised into the daily menu anyway and having a better outlook helps to quickly get back to the regime a.s.a.p.

Hope that will help you in your "last" journey and all the very best to you. .... :)
you can do it ! no booze for 6 weeks. 1200 cals per day. buy all your food for the week and plan your meals.

i buy alot of ready meals. not weightwatchers stuff as i find it bland,overpriced and the portions very small. morrisons do a healthy range and today i am having their heathy option cheese and ham microwavable pasta (£1) with a baked potato ( iceland 4 pack frozen baked potatos) about 550 cals in total

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