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  1. Mrs.S

    Mrs.S Full Member


    I have recently passed the mirror in my bedroom a couple of times without my clothes on and I really don't like what I am seeing...
    I need to restart on my diet again.

    As a first step yesterday I bought myself running shoes and I downloaded an app called 'Couch 2 5K'. I've never been much into running, but it's the cheapest and mist flexible way to get into exercise.

    My GP has referred me and my hubby to the NHS weight management service. Does anyone have any experience with that? I am not really sure what to expect.

    As well I am thinking about what diet will work the best for me. I was thinking about diet chef. Did anyone try that and would be willing to share their experiences? Do you have any good experiences with any of the other diets?

    I would love to meet people in the same situation that would want to 'do the journey' together. It's always easier to get and stay motivated with a friend on ones side. Maybe there is even someone from my area here (Lancashire)?

    I really look forward to hearing from you and getting started again. I need to loose those pounds...

    Mrs.S :)
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  3. Mrs.S

    Mrs.S Full Member

    mmh...I guess I have to get going on my own then... :)
  4. TracyGWill

    TracyGWill Gold Member

    Sorry, I don't know anything about the NHS weight management service or Diet Chef, or live in Lanacashire, lol - bit useless to you, aren't I?! I'm a committed calorie counter. :) How much have you got to lose? Hope you have success with whatever method you choose. xx
  5. Mrs.S

    Mrs.S Full Member

    Hey! I want to loose about 8 stone...a looooooooong way to go. I'll have my first appointment with the NHS weight management team next week Monday.
    Thanks for your answer. Now I don't feel 'ignored' anymore ;)
  6. crispy

    crispy Full Member

    Hey Mrs.S Ive the same to lose but it seems so far away to me at the minute so Ive broken it down into 2 smaller targets so Im just concentrating on trying to get the first 4 stone off! I've started a thread called couch25k encouragement badly needed cause Im doing that at the mo Its great to get tips off people and it helps me stay motivated Best of luck with your weight loss :)
  7. TracyGWill

    TracyGWill Gold Member

    Oh, I wouldn't want to ignore you - I just didn't fit the profile of the questions you were asking, lol. I've lost 8 stone so far, so it's definitely achievable -I'm 50 and don't exercise due to health problems, so when I say if I can do it anyone can, I really mean it! I did go to my GP for support, and she prescribed Orlistat, which I've been taking for 18 months - is that something you'd consider? :) xx
  8. Mrs.S

    Mrs.S Full Member

    Hello Tracy!

    I've never heard of Orlistat. What is that? And what are the criteria for getting it prescribed? Do you know?

    How did you manage to lose 8 stone?

  9. TracyGWill

    TracyGWill Gold Member

    Hi Sonja! You may have heard of Orlistat as Alli? That's the version you can buy in pharmacies. It's a fat-blocking drug that stops your body absorbing around a third of the fat you eat, and is the only weightloss drug currently prescribed by the NHS. I think your BMI needs to be over 30, and they expect you to lose at least some weight by yourself first. There's a sub-forum on here dedicated to it, under Other Diet Options. It's not a wonder drug, but it does help, and it's through taking that and calorie counting that I'm now 8 stone down. :) xx
  10. Mrs.S

    Mrs.S Full Member

    Thank you Tracy. I have my appointment with the NHS weight management te am on Monday eveneing. Am really curious to see what that'll be.


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