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starting again

i aimed to start and then just have made all sorts of excuses to myself as to why i havent been doing it - starting right now - with the weight losses ive seen on here as inspiration i am really going to go for it - i am going on holiday in 5 weeks and want to loose a stone before i go. i feel really motivated so hopefully i can manage this - 3 - 4 lbs a week... with lots of excersize and a strict SF plan - is it do able? x
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When you feel you have your head in the right place it does make it much easier to do it.

With any diet the first three days are the worst...just hang in there. Some lovely meal ideas on the Slim Fast site.

Increase your exercise slowly if you have not been exercising for awhile and do something that you enjoy as this way you will stick with it.

Walking is one of the best forms of exercise for belly fat if you are thinking of wearing a bikini:)

Have you tried Slim Fast hunger shots?

I ask out of curiosity as I have seen them advertised and was wondering what they were like and they are suppose to help to curb the appetite in between meals...wonder do they:rolleyes::confused:

Love Mini xxx
heyyya good luck with the plan start.. them hunger hsots well i think are advertisement i have not needed them :p eat banans :D they fill me between meals :D :p x
thank you! i havent tried the shots - but like you say a bannana seems much more appealing - i am soooo determind - i found a diary from 2001 when i was 12 - #1 new years resolution was to loose weight - i feel that six years on after many feeble attempts through my young teenage years i need to loose the extra weight then maintain a weight that i feel happy with so that my new years resolutions can be more exciting things that the same old loose weight ones that have featured for as long as i can remember!
im 24 now and still have 2.5 stone to loose... its sad when your along side people who are slim lol but if you just work at it slow but sure it will come off and you will feel a real sense of achievement...how old are you now, what are you going to do at uni ??
im 18 - having a gap year first then off to do a drama degree - i want to loose 3.5 stone. im determined. looked into CD but i think after lots of reading and research im either going to do slim fast or slimming world as they are a healthier way to loose the weight - it will take me longer - but i think that with slimming world i will change my eating habits and so not put the weight back on when i reach my goal weight. who knows.
Good thinking, im a member of slimming world its very good :D either way your a step in the right direction, once you hit the first stone you will be laughing :D im busy drinking water lol :p slimfast is a good boost :p xx
you can do it hun. 5 weeks is plenty of time to lose a stone if you stick to whatever plan you decide on and are strict with yourself.

All the best xxx
Good luck - you can do it!!
I'm also trying to lose a stone in 5 weeks (for the dreaded holiday swimwear), what have you got in mind to achieve it? Good luck! I'm sure you can do it x


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I have 7 weeks till we go on our 30th wedding anniversary Alaskan cruise! I am very excited about it but really, really want to shift a stone before i go. Thinking about trying low carbing, never tried it but know thta carbs are my down fall!

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