Starting Atkins 25th November 2008...anyone else??


Hi all! Starting Atkins tomorrow and very excited! (My title actually meant to say the 26th, sorry!) Would love if someone else was too? So we could compare.

Did a big shop earlier and stocked up on no carb things. Couple of balsamic vinegar and mustard are ok for induction? Any other tasty condiments ok? I bought whipped cream, is there a limit to how much you can have? I'd like to have it in my de-caf coffee in the morning and with sugar free jelly in the evening. That's ok isn't it? And in terms of the salad...I'm not really bothered measuring it out, so can I assume two small salads per day are ok?

Sorry to be asking all these questions! I left NADR at home and I'm away at the moment. Going home at Christmas and desperately need to shed some flab. I'm holding loads of water weight from lipotrim abuse, so that should definitely go soon. Need to get rid of my double chin and slim down my arms too...hoping I can do that in the 2.5ish weeks I have before I go home. Do we think it's possible? I'm about 14.5 sts right now, 5'6. I have a broad frame so I look good at 11 stone ish. How long do we think it might take to get there? Going to buy a low carb recipie book when I get home, can anyone recommend a good one?

So for the long post and thanks so much for any help you can offer! Just really wanted to do this right as I think it's possible to shift it this way, it seems do-able. Thanks! x :D
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Hi there, saraian24 recently switched from CD to Atkins and was looking for an Atkins buddy on here last week, so look for the thread she started then.

Vinegar and mustard are fine on Atkins, and yes, I believe you can have as much cream as you want! Also, you'll be fine with the salads as long as that is the only carbs you are having. You want to have less than 20grams of carbs in the first week or two, to get you in ketosis.

Good luck with it,