Starting Cambridge Diet Thursday!!! First Timer!

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by Wilualison, 14 July 2008 Social URL.

  1. Wilualison

    Wilualison Full Member

    Starting the Cambridge Diet on Thursday
    I have read, that I should start cutting down on carbs to make it easier?
    also what is the story with the fibre?
    do you take that everyday?
    another question..I have read you may get headaches? is it okay to take a paracetemol for it? I have 3 young children so don't want to be narky mother with headache:D

    thanks everyone!!
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  3. amethyst

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    hey hun, welldone on starting:)

    you can take paracetomol not a problem!

    i have psylium husks daily with my first pack of the day to make a porridge (pure fibre) can buy them online at healthspan i puts a tablespoon in with my pack and whisks with hot water!
    drink plenty of water atleast 3 litres a day, you can get water flavouring from your cdc.

    and yes i would advise dropping carbs from now if you can, saves on the withdrawl, you will still get withdrawl headaches but not as bad..

    meat, eggs, cheese fish etc! no pasta, chips, potatoes and bread! oh and crisps and choclate! lol

    good luck with it... you will do fine! :)
  4. missmf

    missmf getting slimmer

    cambridge, sole source. (trying!)
    hi and welcome!

    i cut down on carbs before going on the diet, as i was trying to loose weight anyway, and found this helped loads as ive had none (touch wood), of the headaches everyones been talking about.

    i also drink loads of water, which is good as most headaches anyway are due to dehydration.

    i dont take any sort of fibre, but thinking of starting as i can go for days without going, and just doesnt feel right!!

    paracetamol are fine i think, i've taken them for period pains, but try to drink loads of water and you shouldnt get to many. (headaches)

    the diets wicked,but youve got to be determined as everyone else continues to eat around you, and you get to realise just how much (where do they put it all??!!)

    ive also learnt how much i used to eat, a lick of a spoon, finish of my sons sandwich,a quick roast pot while there cooking (dipped in gravy of course!), slice of cheese etc
    its quite an eye opener,

    and of course the best thing is how quickly the weight comes off - fantastic!!!

    good luck hun, keep us posted on how your feeling. xx
  5. chelle1975

    chelle1975 Full Member

    Hi, im restarting today after having a break since easter:eek:, only gained 6llb since then but would like to shift 3 stone, had 1 shake and loads o water so far, also have 3 kids so would love to keep headaches at bay.
  6. Wilualison

    Wilualison Full Member

    What do you use to whisk your shakes?
  7. missmf

    missmf getting slimmer

    cambridge, sole source. (trying!)
    i use a hand held electric whisk.
    think i bought it up tesco, was really cheap, bout fiver??
    i've had it for a while cause i use it to make cakes too! (not for me now!) x
  8. chelle1975

    chelle1975 Full Member

    Hand whisk for me too:)
  9. BBlilsis

    BBlilsis My 3 Furry Amigos

    Hi Wilualison,

    Good luck on starting the diet, my numbers seem to match yours, I'm just completing end of week 2, and am really focussed at the moment.

    I'm in Dublin, Ireland as well (just thought i'd mention that lol). I use an electric handheld blender, the fitting that is enclosed with the little blade at the bottom works better than the egg whisk fitting (for me)
  10. Amanda71

    Amanda71 Silver Member

    I only started on Friday morning but increased my water intake and reduced my carbs for a couple of day leading up to it. Am now on about 4 to 5 litres a day. Didn't have any headaches and apart from being hungry Friday teatime it's been fine. A lot easier than I though it would be. In fact, sitting here at 2.30pm and just realised I haven't had my lunchtime shake!"
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