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Starting Cambridge Diet toDay WOHOO :)

this is my second time so i know it works great, but my old habits came back lol so second time lucky, i tried so many diets weight watches and the rest but found to whole food watching thing and counting everything i ate really hard to understand lol so i knew someone who tried this and they lost loads of weight so thought i do it to and although it was hard it was well worth it, did you like your consellor my new consellor is so much nicer than others ive seen x
I love my counsellor. Shes sound. She made me feel comfortable the min i met her so I am delighted with that. I see a lot of people actually come back a 2nd, 3rd time etc and re start so its obviously not 2 bad lol cause i know i wouldnt go near Lipotrim ever again. I have done every diet on this planet, i am sure something is out there for us all, so no harm giving it a go lol this website is great tho. Just read the successful stories and it will get you in the right frame of mind x
ok this might be a stupid question, going to have my first shake, how much skimmed milk do i use lol i have a litre carton, so would that be a 1/4 of it ? sorry hadnt time to get measuring bowl


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It really does work, I lost lots before but stupidly put it back on. If you stick to it 100% I'm certain you can lose a stone!! Good luck with today.


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Are you on Cambridge? Mix the shakes with water, just under half a pint. I add extra water though. Good luck, enjoy!
its ok guess what i found in my locker in work, an old Celebrity Slim shaker hahahahaha it has the ml on it :D happy days. Going to have Cappuccino shake now ill be on later with updates ;)
Lil Miss Sunshine said:
hello, I was with my counsellor last nite and shes great. Starting this morning, have a litre of water drank already (up since 5) hopefully i will log on every day here and keep motivated. Christening in 4 weeks which i am dreading but if I am down 7 pound I will be happy. :flirt2:
I started today again too after recently giving birth to my baby girl well she's 5 months old now and the weight just isn't shifting as quick as I'd like and I know this works good and fast!! I have my daughters christening in just under 12 wks and I wanna look good for her special day :)

*do not mix the shakes with milk, it's water you use!!*

Anyway good luck Hun, I won't lie though it is hard at first but as soon as ketosis kicks in it's a doddle :) this has to be the best diet I have ever been on in the past cos I know it works

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mix your shakes with water or if you do prefer milk you can get ready made cartons for a little extra, the diet is quite hard but its the knowing it works that make you come back and keep doing it lol, you'll do great xx
u will lose more than 7 pounds in the first week!!..its a fantastic diet to do....just be ready for the first couple of days....get thru it and u will be well on ur way....that first weigh in will surprise you and make you even more determined.... good luck and keep postin..x


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Well done you! Nearly a stone already!

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