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starting cambridge diet


Hi your on the wrong forum,this is Lighterlife,you need the Cambridge diet forum!
Hi there,

Welcome to the CD, I'll warn you now, there is a lot of negativity attached to this diet, but it's all derived from ignorance and lack of education. Speak to your counsellor and ask all the questions you want before you start.

The diet works, I was a yo yo dieter all my life until I found CD two years ago and shed around 3 stone, and kept it off! I'm back to shed the last stone the quick and easy way (in my opinion).... Well, it's far from easy, but in comparison to being on a diet for months on end when I can get the results I want in one month on Cambridge.... I've made my bed!

And of course this forum is amazing!


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hi all i am going for my consultation on tuesday to start the cambridge diet..a bit worried as reading lots more negative than positive,looking for help and support along the way..looking forward to getting started thou,tips and advice from u all would b great..thanks:D
Hello and welcome to CD what are the main things you are wanting to know?

Feel free to ask away..

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This is the best weight plan I have been on for quick results! The feeling you get on the scales each week is fab. Ketosis is key as it takes away the hunger. Slimfast was harder than this. CD is like going cold turkey removing the food helps recognising cravings and overcoming them. There is no getting away with the fact that I am missing food but this plan is a means to an end and not a way of life. Good luck. Jayne x


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I feel fantastic on this diet, I haven't been ill since I started it (albeit only 6 weeks, but still ;)) the only negatives for me are feeling cold & constipation, but they are small prices to pay for the amazing weight losses and increase in self esteem.

People talk about losing weight too quickly being bad for you, but what about gastric band surgery? That will be a rapid weight loss and Hospital's wouldn't perform them if it was dangerous. Surely staying overweight longer is worse for you than losing weight quickly!!

Good luck :)


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Oh, and you get all your vitamins & minerals & protein to conserve your muscles, so it's actually really healthy!


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Hi coralprincess are you doing the ss plan your losses are fab im 11.4 and 5.4 and im on the 810 got my weigh in tomorrow im asking as i think i want to do the ss as ive heard the 810 plan is a bit slower x

Hi :)

I started on SS, did a week but was struggling (not with missing food, with going so long between packs) so swapped to SS+, I've just changed to 810 this week as my BMI is under 25, hopefully I'll still have good losses! SS+ worked brilliantly for me. Good luck :D

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