Starting CD on the 7th August!


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I called today and he didn't see the point in me starting when I'm heading off to London this Friday for a week, which is true, so I'm going to just enjoy my time there and then commit 100% again - I'm quite excited about starting CD as opposed to LL - I think the change might commit me again!!

What is it they say, if you go back to a diet it never seems to work again? So CD should get me sorted I hope!

Lynne x
Glad you have your start date Piper! Use the next week to up your water intake and cut down on your carbs if you can, then you'll slide into the pink and the rest will be smooth sailing!! :cool:
It must be great to have a start date sorted out. Are you doing a diary thread on this piper? :)
Hey Piper!

Enjoy your weekend in London...what are your plans? Anything special? :)

Great for you to have a start date! Wishing you lots of luck for your amazing will see the weight drop off!
Thanks everyone. I'm actually off for the week, my hubby works in London so we're going down to spend some time with him. Thankfully he's gotten a job back up and home though and starts mid-august so this'll be our last trip down for a while.

I will be doing a weight loss diary - I think it helps to get your thoughts down!!

Lynne x
Hi Lynne,

I hope the weight loss dieary is going well and that your having a great time in London.

Talk soon.

Love Mini xxx
Hiya Lynnie

Glad you are getting back on track, FWIW I think you are completely right to be doing CD instead of LL - you've already done the mind stuff, you just need to get back in control.

Masses of luck with it.