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Starting CD/ telling friends

I'm new to posting here although I have been looking around on the site for a while to try and get an idea of what kind of diet I should go for. I'm meeting with a counsellor on Monday so will hopefully be starting on tuesday!

Did you tell your friends and family before you started? I live with one friend and I'm not telling family until I've started losing weight. It's partly because i'm scared i'll fail at this and at least i'd be the only one who knew I was doing it, but also I think they wouldn't approve of me doing such a low calorie diet no matter how safe it is!

How have friends and family been when you told them? Not sure how supportive my friends will be when they find out I can't go out for lunch, coffee, drinks etc.

Anyway just thought i'd post and say hi. I'm looking forward to starting but I'm very nervous as well. Can't wait to start losing weight!

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i have told my family and my closest friends.. i told my friends a month into it to stop them from inviting me round for dinner, go out boozing they were so supportive i get the weekly text to see how i am doing and they still want me round for dinner just with my shake :) they know how much my weight has got me down in the past and they are happy im doing something about it, just found out one of them is pregnant so thats fine to the people who dont know im just keeping her company :)
good luck xxxx
hey and welcome:D

I only told hubby and 3 close friends 1 who had done cd last year, and 1 who is doing sw and another close friend. A couple more people now know, but I still not shouting it out!

My mum questioned me the other day, asking how much you lost now then, when I told her she said what you doing to lose that! so I kinda told her, but as I forever seem to be on a diet I quickly moved the topic:eek:
My family were supportive, although concerned about the VLC part of it. But they have put that aside and have been supportive, and they love seeing my weight loss. They are mainly worried about me maintaining the loss.
It is great to tell who you are living with, so that they understand and can be supportive. I have only told a few friends, and the reaction has been mixed but not terrible. Others I have told that I am dieting, and not gone any further. When invited out to dinner I just say no.
Good luck!!! The first few days are the hardest, get over them and you are well on the way.
Thanks for the replies. Haven't told anyone yet but think the only person I'll tell to start with is my flatmate as i think she might guess anyway!

I like the blaming recession excuse. Can still go and play pool in the pub and stick to tap water, will just need to wait and see if I have the willpower to stick to water in a pub!

I am so looking forward to being thinner. I feel like this might be the time that I actually manage to lose weight. Glad that this is here for when I start, there are people to talk to who are on the same diet.
I think one of the reasons I haven't told many people is because I'm a bit tired of the nagging by those closest to me. If I diet (again) and fail (again) then I'll have to deal with their sighs of disapproval and questions yet again. If I say nothing and succeed, then I'll receive their praise. If I say nothing and fail, they won't know I was on a diet in the first place!
That's exactly it oinkstop! If i manage to stick to it for a month i probably won't be able to help telling more people.

I kind of want to surprise the people who don't think I can lose weight by turning up 3 stone lighter! Just have to avoid going home for weekends, don't think i'd be allowed to just have shakes and soups!
Apply some Pressure

I know what you mean, I have only told my friend who has lost two stone in two months (yeah baby) on CD which made me do it, although it took me the two months to get the willpower to join. Two people at work know and my fiance knows, that's it. Family wouldnt be impressed at such a hardcore diet and then you have to think of your friends who try and throw you off (in case you get slimmer than them). So do it as secretly as possible if you can at least at first so you can get your head around it. It's horrible having to explain yourself and all the details and have people give their opinion whether you want it or not. I am only on my first week so cant give much advice about willpower because it is a killer at first, arrgggh, but the difference in my friend is amazing, she looks fabulous and will be my matron of honour in the summer!

Good luck!

Hello! and welcome!!!

I at first didn't want to tell anyone, I was worried that if I failed that I'd be judged or that noone would understand.. but I then decided to tell anyone who would be affected by it. My OH is great.. he doesn't eat snacks in front of me or anything!!

My friends and family who I went out for meals & drinks with lots with before starting the diet really needed to know so they didn't worry.. luckily everyone who I have told has been really supportive! I decided that after a while people will notice I'm loosing weight, so if they as I tell! :)

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