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Starting CD tomorrow!!


I did LL last year and then switched to CD briefly before I lost my way. I did lose three stone and since put 2 stone back on. I am cross with myself for not doing it properly and for falling into this trap but I feel ready to give CD another go. I have booked to see a new CDC as I did'nt really want to go back to my old one. She was very nice but she did'nt really support me enough and I fell by the wayside.

My starting weight is going to be around 12 stone 8 and I really want to be 10 stone 5 ish.

If anyone else is starting and would like a companion I would love to hear from you!!!

Linda :eek:
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The Diet Guy
Good luck Linda!

Just hang in there the first week and you'll be back down in the 10's in no time at all.

Hi Linda,
After umpteen restarts I am giving it another go tomorrow, I am 11st 5lbs and want to get back to 10st-3lbs before the end of august if I can.
Maybe we can keep each other focussed.
That would be great! Went to be weighed today and to collect my packs. Was pretty scary as am now 12 stone 11lbs!!! Which is pretty grim as last year I was eleven!! Oh well, no looking back and only forward.

I am going on holiday on the 4th of August ans want to have lost 1.5 stone by then.

Keep in touch and let me know how you are doing!!

Good luck
good morning

Hi lucy & Springador,

Good morning. I am starting the cambridge today, as i have got to lose a stone by august. I have a dress fitting then for my wedding which is september 7th. maybe we could support each other. Its 9.15 and i havent eaten anything yet as i need to spread the packs out. I am starving already as i am a breakfast person. I am trying to drink my first pint of water it aint going down too well eiither and i have still got to make the kids breakfast yet. But i keep thinking of my wedding dress. Good luck for today anyway........
Hi Welsh wobbler!

Of course welcome! How is today going, hope you aren't so hungry now.

I have had one pack so far and about 2 litres, I think I will have another pack in an hour or so. Not so bad so far but I find around tea time for the kids the worst time. I am going to have a quick bath whilst they eat as I find this time usch a temptation to eat!!

Have a good day everyone

day 2

Hi Everyone.

Day 2 - i have had a really stressfull day, the kids have been a nightmare. But its all calm at the moment, for about 5 mins im sure. I have just had some boullion, its really quite tasty. Somebody has said that you can drink Zero Coke is this true, that could be a refeshing change, as my mouth is starting to taste rank.

i have just bought some magazines, so that i can cut out some inspiring pics to stick around my kitchen, as i seem to always be in that room (kids meals etc). I even took a fancy to my babys luch today (the cow and gate jars:drool:). Hopefully tomorrow will be less stressful as h2b will be home from work, to give me a hand.

hope everyone is doing ok

love Tricia
HI Tricia,

Are you allowed boullion then? Thats good if you are, it is quite tastey.

Good luck with your loss. I'm sure you will reach your goal. I've just started again aswell and have the same disappointment with myself but...best to just look forward, not backwards!
Hi, I am having a really bad day today, I just had a spoonful of red cabbage as this was the only way I could stop myself from raiding the fridge. Hopefully the cravings will pass soon, my last shake is at 9pm.
Hi everyone, hope you are having a good day.:eek:

Sorry, Springador to hear that you were having a tough time yesterday, is it better today? Donlt worry about the red cabbage, just move on. That is when I would have before completely collapsed and eaten the contents of the cupboard!:(

I am going on Wed to be weighed instead of Thurs as my CDC was busy on Thurs so not sure how much I would have lost in 5 days. Looking forward to it though.

Started last week on 12 stone 11 and really am looking forward to being 11 something again and hopefully in a few weeks time I should be there!!

Hope you are all doing well and feeling strong
By the way how do you get those littlebar things that go accross the bottom of the screen showing your weight and loss etc?? I am not the most technical of people:sigh:
Hi lucy,

Go to Graphical Tickers for your Signature, Message Boards, Blogs and Web Page and select the 'weight loss tracker'. Then once you've set it up with your stats, it gives you a BBCode, which you need to copy & paste into your signature. (Which you update via the User CP option).

Then everytime you weigh in, you can go back to your tracker and update and it updates in your signature automatically. IT's all very clever!!

Hope this helps xxx
day 4

Hi everyone.

Today has been the hardest day so far. I had to cook pizza and chips for the kids and make h2bs sandwiches. I have just put all the leftovers in the bin, this is soooooo hard. I keep focusing on my hen party which is in 3 weeks,and if a stick to this im treating myself to a spray tan, nails and hair cut and coloured. So i am picturing myself looking gorge, it helps a bit. Hopefully tomorrow will be easier, i really look forward to the bars and i have half a peanut one for brekkie.

How is everyone else today, hope you are all coping well
Hi Welsh Wobbler
Sorry to hear that you are having a bad day today. It is difficult cooking food for other people. I try to make my kids tea as quickly as possible and then I leave them to eat it, and go and have a bath or something.

I hope that you can keep going and you will look stunning on your hen night!:D

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