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starting diet chef today

have done 25 days or so on weight to go and i have lost 1 stone but im getting board now with the shakes and rather than go off the rails and eat and gain i have decided to switch now to diet chef.

lets see how successful i am with this diet. the granola apple and cinnimon one is lovely really enjoyed that.

fingers crossed so will see how i go on this one
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well done :)

Good Luck :d


maintaining since June'09
Good Luck new me - as you say the change will do you good and stop you getting bored.

I'm looking forward to DCing again when I've finished my Lipotrim journey! It'll be a few weeks yet but I have stocks in ready!! x


is starting to disappear!
aye, it is a good diet although it doesn't feel like it at times.

Jan, it's great that you've got the DC stuff ready to go - love your enthusiasm xxx


maintaining since June'09
Well - to be honest it's stuff I had left over when I swapped to LT - I sorted out what would still have good dates, kept that and fed DH the rest LOL!

I only bought the first 2 weeks from DC. I then sourced the supplies direct from the manufacturers and supermarkets. It was slightly cheaper that way though a lot less convenient! x


maintaining since June'09
They have some things in Sainsbury's and Tesco's as well. x


is starting to disappear!
they have them in asda too. just a matter of searching for them xxx


Doing it for keeps now!!
Hi Guys! I'm seriously thinking of moving from CD to DC....sis got her 5 weeks and I ended up with most of it to try and I love the flavours...even DH loves them too!!

Which parts of the diet can you get in Tesco/Asda? Unfortuntely in N.IReland we dont have a waitrose/morrissons...


maintaining since June'09
I just typed a big long reply to you and when I pressed post it threw me off!!! SO let's try again!!

Tescos sell the original granola in 500g bags. They have a couple of the meals though I can't remember which ones as it's been a while since I DC'd. They DID stock a couple of the soups but stopped although I was able to find good substitutes from the pouched ones they DID have by looking at what was in them, the calories etc.

Where I am Sainsbury's have more of the meals and soups, 3 or 4 of each - I think it is chicken & lemongrass, tomato & basil and mushroom soups and the meals? Chilli, The beef in porter ale, one of the meatball ones I think and I can't remember the other one sorry. They also sometimes have the nak'd bars in packs of 5 or 6.

Sorry I can't be more help. Good luck with whatever you decide. x


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