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starting excercise this week, will i loose more weight??



I will be skinny again!!!
I think it will make a difference chick, but everyone is different.
But it will definatly be good for toning you up :D
yeah it can only do more good i suppose aslong as i dnt over do it. can u tell im trying to reach the 50 posts mark i havnt stopped posting haha x


Skinny Soon ?!
Excellent for toning up but don't over do it. Muscles can store water so some people don't loose so much if they have exercised heavily. Make sure you drink extra.
im drinking 4 lt water a day can i drink more? x x
hey hun, I think exercise will definitely help you shed more lbs. it does for me!... cant believe you drink 4litres of water a day! and you wanna drink more... !!! your gonna drown yourself.. lol.
to be honest I suppose you can drink as much water as you like as long as you drink it over a certain period of time and dont drink too much in one go. why you would wanna drink more I will never know :p


I will be skinny again!!!
hehe stef, Play the word games that will get your posts up.. Ive been mosting loads, if i could give you some of my posts i would, i only started on tuesday lol!!
Im the same im drinking 4 litres +.
But it goes down so easily im not even noticing til i have to fill my bottle up again lol!! xx
whers the word games? i dunno how im managin 4ltrs i dnt like water, i may drop 2 3 litres cos bottled water is costin me a fortune n i really dnt do tap water! i drink alot ya see, but pop thats wher my problem is, i aint a big eater atall i jus drink pop allll day long, vimto - i live off it, go through litres n litresss a week x x


I will be skinny again!!!
Im the same, i loved fizzy drinks!! lol!!
But water is soo much better for you teeth aswell.
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