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Extra Easy Days Starting from scratch

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by Charlie_Chameleon82, 8 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. Well after a truly over indulgent christmas, tomorrow is the day of judgement for me. Im re-joining my local SW class and im facing up to the scales.

    I've tried before but never really put my heart into it, now approaching 32 its about time i did something about my weight before its too late to care.

    so a question to all SW'ers, do you find doing meal plan helps or do you prefer to be flexible?
    any ideas, tips and yummy recipes would be much appreciated.

    Thanks guys. x
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  3. SMVN

    SMVN Full Member

    Hi Charlie!! I, like you bit the bullet and rejoined my SW group on Monday (for the 4th time!!!). I was shocked to see that I was exactly the same weight that I was when I joined exactly a year ago, as I had kept telling myself I had kept at least half a stone off!!!

    I find it easier to plan my meals in advance as I have more control that way. I usually plan them the night before, if not at the weekend for the week. I always take my own lunch to work, and have just been to Morrisons and got a salad to last me the next couple of days!!! (Get me!!!!)
  4. HI SMVN, yeah i think this is my 3rd time re-joining, i just hope i can stick with it this time. It helps to have online support as well i think i.e. sites like this to talk abot the pitfalls and share goods ideas and recipes.
    I've never planned my meals much in advance before, so im thinking maybe that where i have been going wrong, so i will give that a try. Im very much a grazer so if i make sure i have plenty of free / low syn snacks available i shouldnt stray too far from plan.

    good luck for your 1st weigh in this coming Monday. :innocent0001:
  5. SMVN

    SMVN Full Member

    Thank you!! I've been as good as gold so far, and have had about 15 of my 5 a day today!!!!!!!!!

    I hope your getting on ok?
  6. joedenise

    joedenise Target Member

    I don't think I could do SW without planning. As long as I know what I'm having for my evening meal I find it quite easy to sort out breakfast & lunch on the day.

  7. neraksarrab

    neraksarrab Full Member

    this is good advice! A few mins a week planning is not wasted.

    I've got a new rule for 2014 - no TV or surfing before 9pm - i find this makes me do all the admin like meal prep and planning and have been so much better organised as a resulted. Have taken meals into work everyday and avoided junk food or ready made sarnies from canteen.
  8. Thanks for the tips guys, i did plan this week and found it was a lot better but it was my birthday so did have a couple of slips as i was bought some chocs and went out for an indian but im back on track as of today so hoping for a bit of damage limitation. Not keeping hi hopes for this week but damn sure im getting a loss next week.
    Im also going to purchase the new "extra easy express" cook book they have brought out so that will help me plan meals better.
    whats your favourite recipes?

    I've lost 2lb in my first week and made SW recipes such as steak and chips, chilli and rice, chicken kiev, chicken curry, vegetable quiche all of which i can say were quite yummy.
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