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Starting Go Lower I think???


maintaining since June'09

CarolineM knows about GoLower ...... I'm sure she'll be around at some point tomorrow and will give you the gen if she's got time.

From what she's said in the past it's similar to Diet Chef but there's more choice, the meals seem a bit fancier and I believe there are nuts and things you can have, but I think it's quite a lot dearer. I'm not sure but I think it may be getting on for £60 per week.

Sorry I can't help more. Good Luck whatever you decide. xx


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Someone call hehe!

Hello mumofthree - wow, you must be one busy lady :)

Go Lower is similar to Diet Chef except that it utilises ketosis - it's a low carb type diet, but not ludicrously low. The food is good and there are lots of nuts and pleasant things to munch on.

As Jan says, the only disadvantage it has over Diet Chef is the price.


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Hello Mumofthree,

I started the go lower diet 2 weeks ago, I would definately recommend it! The food is very tasty and the support is great, you can call or email them for advice and they are alway very friendly and helpful :D As for the price, if you sign up to one of the programmes (12,16 or 20 weeks) it costs £46.50 each week paid monthly. The only problem is that for the last few weeks the food you recieve reduces and they send you recipies to help encourage you to continue by yourself, personally I think this is a good idea and will help the transormation process back to healthy longterm eating.

I started by ordering a 1 week trial box (£49.95) so that I could try the food to make sure I was going to like it! I did and lost 4lb so on the strength of that I signed up for the 20 week programme :) This week I lost 2lb but on Monday I had a real alcohol blowout so I am really pleased with 2lb :D

I have done cambridge in the past but just couldn't face it again, I find go lower much better cause you get to eat real food and still achieve ketosis!!!

Hope this helps a little

Karen x
Thank you all especially kj2s. On Fri I signed up for the 20 week plan with Go lower so the cost is only £46.50 per week plus you get 2 weeks free at the end at the moment.
My pack is arriving on Monday 16th (tomorrow) So I am looking forward to my first week and will keep you all informed on my progress.

Thanks again well done to you all for your weight loss.
Cant wait to feel fitter and healthier when I am 4 stone lighter.

Hope you all have a good week



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Well done mumofthree you are now a fellow 20 weeker :D You're gonna love the diet, I can honestly say its the easiest one I've ever done and believe me I have tried a few over the years. Let me know how you get on :)

Karen x
i only did the trial week of go lower cuz its pretty expensive so i have started atkins for 2 weeks.i lost about half a stone on my trial so the weight does come off really quik with go lower.i didnt know it was less than 200quid if u did a plan.i think im gonna do the 12 week one wen i next get paid


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Good choice covkirst83, by the time you have brought all the meat etc for the Atkins diet you will probably find you have spent more than Go Lower costs on the programme anyway!!! :)

Karen x
Yeah got my food pack this morning. Is it normal to be so excited about receiving food parcels or am I odd???? Ha Ha! Juat about to have the pea and Ham soup so we will see. I will keep in touch and my hubby took some very unflattering before pics yesterday so hopefully I should end up with some great before and after photos. Here's to a good week everyone xx


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Morning mumofthree, I think its great to be excited, you're gonna love it, its sooo easy :D

Let us know what you think of the food as you try it :)

Karen x


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Morning mumofthree, how's it going? what foods have you tried so far, what do you think :)

Covkirst83 how is the Atkins going?

I have had a good week, I'm feeling great, lots of energy :D
My weigh-in day is Friday so I'll let you know how I get on this week :scale:

Karen x
kj2s glad you are having a good week. I am still very excited by the diet I have had the Ham & Pea soup- not the greatest but ok
and I love the Beef in Thyme the crisp things are lush and The Mushroom stroganoff was ok. I did have a chiken chasseur thing as well. The only thing is I have never craved fruit before as much as I do now!!! But all good.
My first weigh in will be Mon am so will keep in touch.
Good Luck for your weigh in on Fri xx


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Glad its going well, you can add a little extra bacon and a handfull of grated cheese to the soup to make it go a little further, also I found the mushroom stroganoff a little sickly so I stired in a little fromage frais (just check the carbs) :)

You are probably craving fruit cause you are starting to go into ketosis, after a few days the cravings normally stop ;)

Karen x
hiya kj2s,

ive lost 5lb after a week on atkins.i lost more on go lower but i have bin eatin all the time on atkins.think i need 2 do go lower cuz portions r all set out an that.
i just called golower and spoke to one of the staff - (her name was herc) she was really helpful and explained the diet really well. What i didnt understand is that they charge the same ervery week £46.50 and you pay for 16 or 20 weeks but only get proper food for the first bit of the diet.
So in month 2-3 you are still paying full price but only getting breakfast and snacks. I understand the idea but why is the price the same week after week!!
Anyone been on it and understands why its like this?


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Hi Polgara50,

The way they explained it to me was that they spread the total cost out equally over the whole course rather than charge more than £46.50 at the beginning then less at the end! That is why it costs more to do the 28 day plan cause the food dosen't reduce (£252 divided by 4 = £63) Personally I signed up to the 20 week plan and I think it is a good idea to provide recipies for me to start to cook for myself at the end because it will teach me how maintain after the weight loss.

Hope this helps :)

Karen x


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Well done on the 5lb loss, hope you swap to Go Lower soon :)

Karen x
Hey all, its spread out in cost like that to make it more affordable for people, like Karen, I signed up for a longer programme - I paid upfront and got additional discount, alos means I am commited to completing.

Covkirst, well done on your loss so far, your doing great. Xx

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