Starting Lighterlife in a week... excited but nervous!


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Hi All,

I friend of mine has just finished his 12 weeks on LighterLife and lost over 5 stone. His story has been an inspiration to me and so I've signed up. I had my introduction meeting on Sunday and, providing my GP is happy for me to go ahead, I start a week tomorrow. I'm just finding this week very difficult because i've suddenly become VERY aware of how unhappy I am with my appearance. I hate knowing that i'm going to change it, but having to wait for next wednesday to be able to start it. I know this sounds really impatient, but i'm in the mindset and ready to go! How did everyone feel in the time leading up to their first week?

I'm only 18, but weigh 15st7lb and i've always struggled with my weight. I always used to try and blame it on different things, but the truth is I do just overreat. I have tried all different diets, but realised that I needed one that told me exactly what I can and can't eat so that I don't have the chance to give in to that voice that is telling me to 'have a little bit more'... I hope this is making sense :confused:
My mum is turning 50 this year and has just gone through weight loss surgery. Watching her go through it has made me realise that I don't want to wait 30 years and have to do something as drastic as surgery.

I'm also worried about how people will react to me doing it because I am younger. I have decided not to tell my friends at college to start with because i'm worried what they will think. I spoke to my LL councillor about it on Sunday and she said that once they start noticing a change in me and how much happier I am, they should accept it more. Does anyone have any experience with something similar? Friends, family, work colleagues reacting badly?

Sorry if i've blabbered a lots, any help you could offer would be amazing!!!

Queenotm xxx
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Hi Queen and welcome to minimins hun.

I was like you, very anxious and excited. In all honesty I couldn't wait to start on Lipotrim and it was the best thing I ever did.


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Hiya Queenotm!

I am 28. 10 years your senior (I feel almost old now!) and I have not told many people that I am doing this diet either. My best friend, my family and my brother's best mate are the only people (apart from all you guys obv) who know that I am on Lighter Life.

I chose to not tell anyone because of previous experience. I found that my previous journey on LL not only taught me more about myself and the reasons that I overeat, but it truly taught me who my real friends were!! Jealousy is a terrible thing.

Most people will not understand it and will be curious and ask questions. Some will object to it and think they know what is best for you. You just need to know what it is that you want to gain from the diet. It seems that you are in the right frame of mind to start with and that is always good! Just take each day as it comes. Some will be easier than others.

It is an exciting time. Go with it. So long as you stick to the plan 100% then you are guarenteed success.

Belle Bee

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Hi Queenotm,

I too had a week to wait to start LL. I went to an introduction meeting last Tuesday and I'm starting tomorrow.

It feels like one loooong week! I've kept myself busy with work and have done some bits to get ready for the diet.

Things I've done are:
  • Join a couple of forums like this one
  • start a blog with my progress (hopefully it'll motivate me) - I've included a progress ticker, targets and goals. Some of the most important goals were for example: I want to buy an outfit from Camden Lock Market when we go for my birthday in November, as I see so many clothes I like, but never in my size. It's something I have been thinking about since my birthday last November and really motivates me.
  • bought a hand blender to mix the soups etc
  • Got a new large glass, to help me consume enough water
  • Going shopping tonight with other half so he can get food and I can get a brita water filter for my water, the tap water here has started tasting a bit blergh.
I've not told hardly anyone about doing LL, just my OH, my Mum and a friend - all people I know will be 100% behind me and will be supportive.

I've not told my Dad and other certain people as I know they will be judgemental and think it's just a fad, plus they might keep bugging me about my weight loss (in a negative way) - obviously they will find out soon as I'm going to get slimmer, but I'm not gonna go into detail what I'm doing until I get slimmer.

I have a friend that has done this diet - she lost 4 stone and kept it off. She really inspired me and although she praised LL, she told me the facts and how hard it was too. She even gave me one of her old chicken soup sachets, so I could see what it was all about.

It's great that you are exited about it - use that enthusiasm and continue it in to the diet - you will do well! :)


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Thank you all so much :) it's just nice to know other people are going through the same things...
I've started writting down my goals and it's really nice having that to work towards. It's weird how my approach to this is so different to all other diets i've been on; I actually know this will work because, like you've said, as long as I stick to it 100% there is no real reason why it wouldn't- and that's so reassuring :D
I've decided I definately wont tell anyone other than my close close friends/family -i'm just hoping people wont notice at college- until i'm settled into it a bit more.
Bekimo how long have you been doing it now? How are you finding it? What was the first week like? haha sorry about all the questions, any information you could offer would just be so helpful though...
And Belle Bee, that means you started today?! how is it?

Emily (Queenotm :)) xxx


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Hey Emily and welcome to the most exciting journey of your life! I just turned 30 and this week hit a healthy BMI for the first time in my adult life, I wish I had done this diet years ago so good on you for making the decision now, while you are young. The hard week is hard physically, get through that and you will be fine. Stick to the diet, commit to it 100% and nothing can and will go wrong. I have loved every minute of it. I think who you tell is a very personal thing and up to you. I have gone the other way and been open an honest, but adult in my approach. Telling people I am on the diet, but not discussing it when people have started expressing negative opinions, not allowing them to make naive statements without correcting them. I took this approach as I wanted to enjoy all social events still, and I have, I have gone out for 'lunchs', went to the Christmas party, a wedding a birthday, even Paris, all while totally abstaining from conventional food. I found found the majority of people have been supportive, but maybe I am lucky. I have found now though that people keep warning me not to go 'too far' and that I need to start eating soon, again I find this offensive and ask them why they did not warn me when I was going 'too far' to morbidly obese!!

Anyway, sorry for rambling, good luck Emily, I think you have the mind set of someone who will succeed with LL, after all it is all about the mental rather than the physical! x

Belle Bee

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Hi Emily

Yep I started today! Wheee!

I was really nervous just before it started, as it had been building up for a week. It was really lovely, though.

The group is in it's 3rd week, so we were the last ones to join (3 of us), there were 3 ladies there starting their 2nd week and 3 starting their 3rd week. They had some fantastic losses!

Everyone was really welcoming, sharing stories and chatting. The consellor seems really nice and we met her locum (also lovely), just in case shes ever off.

We got weighed and measured privately and got our first lot of supplies for the week. We got a mixture of food packets and some other bits and bobs. I exchanged my strawberry ones, as I really don't like strawberry. Got three savory ones instead. I also tasted one of the mixes you put in water, it's a bit like squash, so I bought an orange flavoured one.

It was nice all chatting as a group and then the counsellor talked through a few bits too.

I haven't got any food in the house for me (we went shopping yesterday and my OH just bought food), so I decided to start LL tonight. I'd only had a small lunch and nothing else to eat, so I had a Thai Chilli Soup for dinner (Yum Yum!) and then a choc shake (not bad) just now.

I've divided all my packs into groups of 4 and put a band round them, so each day I can just get my 4 packs out.

It's all very exiting, I can't beliee I'm on my way at last!



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Awh Gemma that's amazing!! Congratulations :D I can't wait for that moment when I can just know i'm 'healthy'! I think that is the thing that has shocked me into this most... I confessed to my boyfriend how much I weighed the other night and he was a little bit shocked (in the nicest way possible haha) and we discussed the fact that it is quite worrying because I don't look quite as big as I am - which has always been quite a good thing for me :p- but it means i'm hidding fat around organs and stuff... it just makes me feel VERY unhealthy to think it!
How have you found the whole process? and how quickly did you start noticing the difference?

Emily x


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That's soooo excited Belle! I can't wait to get there now :D I've got my appointment with my GP tomorrow so i'm just hoping that's all ok... the only thing I can think will bother him is my age.

I'm a bit worried how i'll cope with other food around the house because I still live with my parents and sister- AND my boyfriend is normally round and he, being a typical teenage boy, can eat for England! so there's lots of food hanging about :s But my family are all being really supportive so i'm not paniccing too much yet.

I'm really looking forward to the group meetings actually- just hvaing other people to talk to and, like you, i'll be one of the last joining our group so we will have people a couple of weeks ahead to look at for motivation.

Haha i've heard the thai chilli is the best!

Emily x


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Good luck Queen.
Just stick to your guns, be smiley but firm.
Say you are doing this for you and if your family and BF care for you and want to see you happy they will support you, not try to sabotage you.
Good luck.


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Hi Emily and welcome to the forum. You will love this change in you and it's all for the better.

May I suggest you start cutting down/out carbs to lessen the withdrawl next week and perhaps you could start a February Starters thread too. Look back in the list of threads to see what I mean.

Good luck!!


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Hi emily - with regard to other food, if you are in the right frame of mind it won't bother u too much. My problem was breaking old habits (for example, picking at left overs, or reaching for something to eat when u sit down to study or watch tv)

a lot of people feel the benefit within the 1st 5 days. Personally I didn't, but alot of people feel a sudden boost after about 5 days. They have a sudden boost of energy and feel great. As your body goes into survival mode, u sleep really well and are really awake during the day (I was told this is something to do with u hunting during the day and resting at night). I didn't get a sudden boost but after a few weeks realised I was going to bed later, had more of a spring in my step and running up stairs 2 at a time!!!!

The main tip I have for you is no matter how much u want to, don't be tempted to eat. I was told how hard it was to get back into ketosis a second time, but thouht I knew better. One nite always leads to another and more frequently. It is so hard to get back on track, that it's really
not worth it in the long run!!

Good luck x



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Bekimo how long have you been doing it now? How are you finding it? What was the first week like? haha sorry about all the questions, any information you could offer would just be so helpful though...

Emily, you are an excited soul. I like it.

I have been on it for 4 weeks now. It's easy in one way, and hard in others. But to be honest, apart from the food cravings I am not having much trouble at all.

My first week was not good. I was quite ill, but I think I had flu as opposed to anything the ketosis did to me. Some people do get headaches and things, best way to avoid that is reduce carb intake a week or so before you start. But it's not really necessary!!

I drank plenty of water and got REALLY fed up of going to the loo every 20 minutes!!!

Yes there are some interesting things to overcome, but they are nothing in the long run. Always have the end goal in sight and you will be fine!!


Welcome Emily! I was as excited as you before i started 10 days ago, i spent hours every night reading these forums, and searching for online blogs. ( that were completed!) it really motivated me and made me realise what a good decision this was to make. i lost 9lbs over xmas, just from being at home with my parents rather than at uni (im 20 and had no problem with having medical form signed so im sure youll be fine) and living on her cooking! dont think ive ever lost weight over xmas b4 lol. Im quite open about the diet, some of my friends know and all my family know and are really supportive, they ring me every few days to see how its going (mum and dad) and when i have a weigh in. my dad actually transferred £10 in my bank today so i could afford to get the bus to go for another mid week weigh in lol cuz he said he thought it was important for me. everyone at uni is noticing how much water im drinking n if they ask i just tell them im on a low calorie diet and having to drink lots of water cuz its healthy for you. I havent had a problem so far, the first week wasnt that hard for me, i hadnt been eating much in the days leading up and had been drinking lots of water so the transiton was fairly easy. I dont feel hungry at all now and im struggling to eat all the packs, although i do manage to squeeze them in (very important). the only thing that drives me mad is the smell of food, like when my housemates cook sausages and pizza and it wafts in to my room...i just sort of enjoy the smell and think ill be able to eat again when its all over...and i have no desire to put anything in my mouth bcuz not only am i not that bothered about eating any more, but i know if i do itll f**k up the whole thing for that week and with my mum helping me out with the cost, would be the most expensive bit of food! My mum especially is so excited for me she always goes on about how stunning ill be when im small, so i feel like im not just doing this for me, but for my mum. she just wants me to be healthy and happy.
i lost 5.5lbs last week and already i feel slimmer and less bloated, and my fave belt now fits me and is on the 4th notch down already!

sorry for going on lol, long message probs, but my advice to you is to just take it one day at a time, realise the implications of you eating food and how expensive itll be, drink lots of water, and realise its not for that long! and enjoy the feeling of losing weight, its so good =] and use these message boards for help and inspiration if your having a bad day, we're all here to support each other. good luck!! =] let us know how you get on.
halle xx


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halle sound like you are in a good place mentally to do this diet.

I am nearing the end of the diet phase now, after being on abstinence since September/ I have loved every minute of it, although some of it has been challenging, I haven't learnt so much about me and why I ate in the past. The next phase is far more scary, maintenance, but also exciting. This has to be a change for the rest of our lives, so I'm guessing Halle, you won't even want that pizza when you're done!


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Great post Halle

Yep, pizza will always be there, but you probably won't want it after all your hard work.
It's good to know your family are supporting you - and your friends, but
your main reason should be to do this for YOU.
Good luck XX



thanks guys,
yes i am definatly doing it for me, i cant wait to get to goal, but knowing i want to make my mum proud as well as myself gives me an extra boost.
mentally i feel very strong and ready for this journey, im finding it so easy generally to do.

in terms of pizza etc, tbh b4 the diet i didnt eat particuarly badly, just being at uni very irregular eating habits and not really being concious of it. grazing! and jus shoving stuff in the oven cuz cooking proper meals for one seemed like too much effort. that is definatly changing, my taste has really changed over the last few years and i love healthy food, i guess its mainly my lifestyle that needs to change, as well as a few bad habits!
I dont even crave any bad foods, and i enjoy healthy food much more, like my mums cooking is so amazing, and my mum n stepdad are big on vegetables and healthy food.
i dont really ever want to eat junk food again, its so bad and is just punishing your body. and although the smells of pizza and sausages that the boys in my house cook 'drives me mad', its mainly bcuz of the smell of real food, rather than the actual food itself.
I have been craving some foods tho, ironically its all stuff like sweetcorn (really craving sweetcorn and peas today) and chicken, salad, baked potatoes, and omg i would love to have some cabbage. not yet have i once fancied a chocolate or a burger or anything full of crap, even just seeing it makes me feel sick... i think this is the start of a new realisation and a change of habits for the best.
cant wait to get to RTM and be able to enjoy good, healthy food.

ooh and i lost 2lbs at my mid week pop in today! very pleased. hope everyone is doing well and having a good week!:D xx
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