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Starting Lipotrim

Hi everyone,

I'm thinking about starting Lipotrim but need to ask some questions please, I hope someone will reply.

How much does it cost?
Do you have to exercise?
What sort of food are you allowed to eat?

I so want to **** the 3st i have on but im thinking after christmas since i might not be able to enjoy my meals after that for a while.

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Hi shywifey
welcome to this forum. LT costs £36 per week from the chemist. Your pharmacist will weigh you and give you a dvd to watch. There are 4 different shakes, chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and a soup. there is also flapjack which is yuck. You have 3 shakes a day. Read through some threads for different ideas to have them. I enjoy the vanilla hot with coffee. after a few days you will go into ketosis tha will keep hunger away. The first fews days you might feel a bit rough but nothing major. Just persevere and you will be fine. Then you will be amazed with the weight loss and that is the big incentive to keep you going. Oh and you will feel cold to so wrap up warm. I think they suggest you leave exercise for a bit. just check with your own body at to what you feel like doing. Good luck and post here anytime there are always people here to support you.
Thank you so much for the reply.... i really want to go on Lipotrim as the stories i have read so far sound unbelieveable but at the price you've just stated, for a jobless student, santa will have to come to my place first....hehe
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hahaha... i know the feeling shywifey.... think about it this way, you would be cutting out your entire shopping list and replacing it with LT. but as I only have myself to take care of I can see it in that way but wont obviously work for everyone. I am actually paying for my LT outta my overdraft... thankfully its my student one and its interest free!... i know how well this thing works therefore even tho i cant exactly afford it im doing it!...

im not sure if this is entirely correct but someone mentioned to be that if you go to your GP and they put you on LT (obviously they would check your med history etc etc and see if you really need to be on this) and then they'll give it you like a prescription... so you would only pay for the prescription which is 7.10

not sure how much of that is truth as my GP hasnt even heard of LT so no joy there. perhaps you could save up your pennies before you start? that way you wont be stressing about money.. (like me)


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Hi sw86
I plan on starting boxing day (that's if pharmacy lets me join) Till then I am following slimming world and am having xmas eve/day 'off'. Between now and then I am getting used to drinking more water and being more aware of my hunger, not just reaching for food without thinking. I'm also reading as much as I can about how I might feel during LT.. think it's best to be prepared. As for the money thing, could you maybe sell some bits on ebay to raise some cash or will you get given any money for xmas? Hope you can find a solution x
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I'll be saving crap loads o money on lt when I start after Xmas.. Food drink and lunches meals with work all adds up!! Lot more money to enjoy my life with.. Hmm what to spend it on...
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Welcome and good luck.

To put your mind at rest, I found that I was spending a lot less on food whilst I was on LT, still had to buy food for OH and 3 children, and I used to spend £36+ a week on cr*p and chocolate!!!! Now I'm refeeding my food bill has shot up - not just coz of Christmas! but due to all the fresh salad stuff and lean chicken and fish I'm buying! It's costing me a fortune!!!!!!

As for exercise, you are having less than 500 calories a day so you just do what you feel like doing and don't try to overexert yourself.

The only thing you can have is the LT sachets, 3 a day, and water, black coffee, black teas but not fruit or flower teas.

Just holler if you need help, support or just a chat to distract you!!!!

The first week is the hardest then it gets easier and you become detached from food. I was always baking with my children, cookies, cakes and brownies and wasn't tempted at all.

All the best.


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