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Starting LLL

Hi, I'm new to the forum, so I'm really sorry if this doesn't read well... I'm not massively computer literate!
I have just a few questions about actually starting LLL.
I've literally spent the last few days trawling the internet, trying to find out as much as possible about the diet and I think I understand everything, the only problem I'm having is hearing from the councellor...
I replied to the councellor's email given in the reply email for my inquiry just before university started in October, but never got a reply. I've just re-emailed them, as I am still very interested in the diet, however I'm worried that I'm not doing the right thing?
Also, I've read that there is a waiting period? I know that they can't start a group without a certain number of people, but does anyone know how long that takes on average?
Sorry to be a pain, but if anyone knows, please let me!
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Hi MP - all the best with the diet. I had the same problem with a LL counsellor. I even spoke to her on the phone twice, she promised to come back to me - twice - but I heard nothing. she's still named as a counsellor. In the end I contacted another counsellor, slightly farther away, but got a better result. LLL is fine, but it is expensive for what you get - that's my take on it anyway. The sessions were fine. I had a couple to talkers in mine, so I had to listen to endless stories about the babies, children - all housewives !. In the end I switched to Extante, much, much cheaper.


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Good to hear from you mumbles. How are you getting on with Exante?
I don't want you to think that LLL isn't good - it is. It kept me on the straight and narrow, because of the expectation of going to a meeting. You loose that with Extante. I have had to be self motivating. However, Extante is so very much cheaper - if you can do without the counselling. I'm sure that counselling sessions vary, my problem was that there were 'talkers'! It was impossible to keep them quiet, and the talk was of housey things, which I do, of course but not to the exculsion of a job. I am sympathetic of course, as this is the housewife's life. Extante is fine. Individual tastes vary. For me, the soups are lovely, better than LL. The shakes, I much prefer LL. The bars are fine. There are slightly more calories in Extante. The other issue is Ketosis. I think reading around this is worthwhile. With LL, you are limited to those foods which keep you in ketosis, I don't find Extante so helpful. Enough anyway - that's my view for what it's worth! I'm going back on to the diet tomorrow, get the first few days out of the way and things should be fine. I find it easier than all the other diets I've done.
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I am super new to Lighter Life Lite. In fact I haven't even signed up yet. The info meeting is on Monday and first weigh in on Tuesday. Is Extante quick and easy to get hold of? And do you just follow the exact equivalent of LLL? Three shakes/soups and then a carb free meal?
I'm torn as to which to go for?
Thanks for your help. I'm also concerned that LLL get a bit of a hard time from LL members. I don't have a huge amount of weight to lose but to me it's still a big deal.
I'm not sure if you've been waiting for me to reply- we've been away for the New Year, just home now. I didn't do very well over the NY, but i'm not going to weigh for a week, hopefully I'll have lost some of the weight I've gained by then, so will not feel so bad!
I use three packs, - around 600 calories, and a meal. I try to stick to the portions and food recommended by LLL, a portion of chicken/meat/fish/2eggs with vegetables. No fruit and plenty of water. Exante allows around 400 calories, but with less info. about what you can eat. Exante is fine, a few more calories, but you can work around this. The cost is far, far less.
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Thanks for your help. I'm also concerned that LLL get a bit of a hard time from LL members. I don't have a huge amount of weight to lose but to me it's still a big deal.

:confused::confused: What do you mean you get a hard time?? You shouldnt - we are all in this for the same reason....?

I don't think anyone gets a hard time on here. This is the most supportive site I know.
Good luck whatever you decide.
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Sorry for not responding until now. I did some more research and opted for Exante. I am two days in and not finding it too tricky - possibly because I am very busy working. Although if anyone could please reassure me that the hunger pangs really do disappear after four days that would be great ;-)

Oh and I didn't mean LLL followers getting a hard time on here....I meant at the meetings. Maybe it was just someone who had a bad experience.

Happy New Year Everyone! And thank you for your help x

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