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  1. Newme2014

    Newme2014 Well-Known Member

    Hi all

    i have my meeting with my consultant on Saturday but I won't be starting until Monday as we have a party on Saturday and we are going out for a meal to a friends place on Sunday.

    I am so ready to do this but worried at the same time as I just don't like milk so even though I know the shakes are mixed up with milk I'm just worried I won't like them but I guess it's a means to an end.

    i am a stay at home mum but Monday is a hectic day because of activities, do you think I will be ok starting on the Monday due to how busy we are? I am thinking it could help with the distraction but with the low amount of calories I'm just concerned.

    Hmmm mum I know I had another question but I can't think what it was right now. :rolleyes:

    Anyway looking forward ward to joining you all next week :)
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  3. bintie22

    bintie22 Member

    Hi Newme

    I started for the first time on Thursday last week and I really felt very daunted by it before i started. Just seems strange to go without food. Now that i've done a few days i'm getting into the swing of it. I'm not really missing food that much (surprisingly), but today i really missed a cold glass of diet coke and i don't normally drink that much of it but there are a few odd cravings creeping in.

    I would imagine you'd be alright on Monday, I definitely think that drinking a huge amount of water helps. Maybe double check with your consultant first though if you're worried.

    Lots of luck!
  4. Newme2014

    Newme2014 Well-Known Member

    Thanks Bintie,

    good luck with your weigh in, only a few more days to go :)

    yeah I will ask my consultant when I see her, it is very daunting as you say, but I have to try.

    what products did you go with? I'm thinking a variety at first to see what I like.
  5. spammie19

    spammie19 Well-Known Member

    Hiya. Sorry to crash in on the thread. I'm going to my first appointment tomorrow. Hoping to maybe start Monday also! I also feel weird with the whole no proper food thing. I'm wondering what to expect from my consultant!! Xxxx
  6. Sparkles*

    Sparkles* Well-Known Member

    Hi all thought I jump in also-l also started last Thursday bintie22 :) so far so good but I had the fright of my life when I seen the scales and my consultant worked out my bmi. Newme you should try the bars soups and poridge if your not crazy on shakes but give them a go.I like them.Spammie I think the first 3 days are the hardest. Looking foward to hearing how you are all doing. So excied to weigh in on Wed.
  7. Newme2014

    Newme2014 Well-Known Member

    Good luck Spammie :) we can support each other.

    thanks Sparkles. I am thinking of getting the Choc shakes and having them hot like hot Choc, it's winter here so should be good. I have heard the Choc mint is good, don't think I have seen anyone say they don't like that one.

    Bintie I just notice we are same height and start weight although I think I am 14st 7, will find out when consultant weighs me. I am wondering how long I will need to be on this diet to get to goal.
  8. spammie19

    spammie19 Well-Known Member

    Yes newme, not many of my family are very supportive and don't think I will last :( I don't like soup so this in it's self is worrying me :( Ahhhh hopefully after the 3 days it should get easier. I have six children so will be constantly cooking for them :/ an my partners a chef!!!! Not the best of things. Im determined to stick to it. Not sure how heavy I am just yet...thinking something like 15st if not more :0 I have my appointment at 10.30 so will be back and update you!! Xxx
  9. spammie19

    spammie19 Well-Known Member

    Sparkles, good luck for weigh in weds!!!
  10. Newme2014

    Newme2014 Well-Known Member

    Spammie you have to think positive if this has any chance of working :)

    i am am not telling anyone about my diet, just hubby obviously. You don't like soup, I don't like milkshakes lol between us we can do it :) I have 4 children to cook for and hubby, that bit will be hard.
  11. spammie19

    spammie19 Well-Known Member

    Hey newme!!

    Went to my appointment today!! Had weight done...had a massive shock ;( heavier than I thought!! I got my measurements done and brought a weeks supply!!! I'm starting on sole source!! I've had shakes, porridge and rice puds!!! Had a good variety! My consultant is lovely!! I got a shaker!! I'm all ready now!!

    More determined than ever to do this!! I go back on Tuesday! So excited lol

  12. bintie22

    bintie22 Member

    Hi, onwards and downwards for all of us from here on!

    I was quite enthusiastic about the porridge - until I tried it, oh my word!! I could've cried as it was my first sachet and I just thought I'd thrown £48.00 down the drain as there was no way I could eat that for a week. Luckily everything else has been much better.

    I did find that mixing the shakes with chilled water using a handblender made them a million times better!

    I've no idea how long I can stick at it, hoping for a good result on thursday and hopefully that will spur me on. It's my husband's birthday today, I cooked him a lovely meal, took him to the pub for a cpl of pints, he's now scoffing a plate of cheese and biscuits with a chilled glass of wine whilst I continue to slurp water! AAARRRGGGGHHHHH!!!

    Still, I've got a Banana Shake so it's not all bad lol!

    Best of luck peeps, we CAN and WILL make a difference xxx
  13. *fraufrau*

    *fraufrau* Well-Known Member

    Just think ladies - it's not forever! I set myself the target of sticking at it for 50 days and I am currently on day 36! Real food will still be there when we have finished, it just takes a lot of willpower and support to stick at it. Think about why you want to be slim and every time you feel like cheating, focus on why you want this so much. You can do it!!! Xx
  14. spammie19

    spammie19 Well-Known Member

    Well done bintie for having such strong willpower.!!! Yes we can all do this!!!! Is the porridge really thank rank? I've had a mixture of products. I'm really not a water person...set cret diet coke addict so I'm thinking I'm gonna be a nightmare!!!! Keep us updated with your result Thursday? You can and will stick to it!!!! Think how good you will feel at the end!!!

    I'm thinking of buying something in the size I'm aiming for...purely as motivation. What do you think? Or am I just being stupid? I was given some sticks to pee on (sorry for my choice of words) on day 3 and 4. Have you entered ketosis? Sorry for all my questions :/

  15. *fraufrau*

    *fraufrau* Well-Known Member

    I might be weird, but if you use a bit less water and make the porridge a bit thicker it's quite nice!
  16. bintie22

    bintie22 Member

    Hi, I thought the porridge was minging but everybody's tastes are different - give it a whirl, you might like it!

    I'm assuming I'm in ketosis,I wasn't given any 'pee sticks' but as I'm 5 days in and not hungry I assume so. I will check out with my consultant though as I'd like to know.

    I really miss diet coke too :-( still it's not forever - and as they say in Hot Fuzz - it's for the greater good :) x
  17. spammie19

    spammie19 Well-Known Member

    Less water to porridge...I'll give that a try. I was jus given the two sticks. I know I may sound mad...but I'm excited to wake up tomorrow to try my first product lol. Please remind me of this in a few weeks when I'm moaning!!!!! I might try a porridge for breakfast then have a shake for dinner and tea. Have you all got the shaker? Also silly question but is mineral water ok to drink? Ahh hot fuzz!!!!!! Xx
  18. bintie22

    bintie22 Member

    Hi, mineral water's fine, just nothing added to it. I haven't got a shaker, my Consultant didn't really recommend them. I'm getting on ok with my handblender - as long as I dont mind licking it off the kitchen wall lol!

    So are you starting today? Best of luck, first step to a new you :) xx
  19. spammie19

    spammie19 Well-Known Member

    This mornings going ok. Normally I've had a diet coke by now....I don't tend to drink hot drinks :/ so with water my new best friend!! Thank you :) looking forward to today!! Have you had any headaches? This is what worries me slightly :( xxx
  20. bintie22

    bintie22 Member

    Hi, no headaches for me, but i've gone a bit overboard with water as I usually do get headaches and wanted to avoid. I dont know if that's what stopped them or if I just wasn't going to get them.

    I've woken up feeling quite nauseas this morning, I did on Sunday too. I'll get the school run done then hopefully sit down and drink some (more) water to try and get it to pass!
  21. Newme2014

    Newme2014 Well-Known Member

    If you search cambridge diet on you tube there is a guy on there and he shows you how to make the products up slightly different and he makes the porridge thicker, looks better than the cambridge way as it appears watery the other way. He shows both ways.

    Good luck Spammie with day 1.

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