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Starting now....


starting again!
So yesterday i made the decision to do something about my weight, after lots of tries, I'm going to crack this and sort myself out.

I've ordered Alli and that should be here next week and I'll see the doctor on the 12th, but will use this to monitor what i've eaten and my exercise.


Breakfast - tesco slimfast drink thingy
Lunch - tesco slimfast drink thingy
Snack - m&s fruit bowl
Dinner, beef casserole with veg, tomatoes, gravy

two 1l bottles of water

and just done day two of sports active on the wii.

I'm pleased with myself today, think I'll have a muller yogurt in a bit.

I'm hopeing that by reducing my food now it will be easier when i start on Alli and keep myself motivated.
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Hi and Welcome Becca!

good luck on your weight loss :)

I've found it really helpful to keep a record of what you eat. Although I just have a wee notebook really for mine


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How are you findin it?????


starting again!
So I haven't posted for a few days, I've been good with the exercise and have been reasonable with the food, but eating the stuff left over at the same time - I can't have nice things in the house!

Today I've been pretty good and received my Alli today as well so am going to start tomorrow.

I'm nervous but also feel it will keep me on the straight and narrow too!

Am finding the forum very inspirational, must remember to check back on here if I'm having a bad time.

We will see what tomorrow brings :fingerscrossed:


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good luck!!
Hope it goes well


starting again!
I am such a mission today, so far two tablets and two slim fast shakes and a load of coffee!!

I've also walked the dog at 830, walked with my daughter for over an hour so think we did about a mile but will measure it next time.

We're going swimming in a bit, Ella has a lesson and I'll do 1/2 hour of lengths.

I'm cooking gammon for dinner tonight, 150g has 8g fat, so feel like 200g with veg and a jacket potatoe will be within limits. Have no idea how much 200g but guess it won't be much!! Need to buy some more fresh veg too for the next few days.

Thanks for your messages, it nice have all this support :character00148:


starting again!
Well today has been pretty good. Went swimming and did a full 1/2 hour while Ella had a her lesson and then messed about with her the rest of time.

Went to the machine on the way out to get Ella something, didn't get any chocoloate instead picked up an apple on the way out :clap:

Then for dinner we had gammon, pasta and veg, only had 150g of gammon as that was such a decent amount, filled up on veg and felt really full. Was planning on having a yogurt but was so full didn't bother.

Was then on facebook, putting Ella to bed and then took the dog to puppy training for an hour.

Its been great, been busy, not eaten much, taken my tablets and I'm happy and tired! Feel really pleased and hope this continues :)


starting again!
Thought I should update as i didn't yesterday...

So yesterday I had two slimfast shakes and dinner which was pasta, veg and vegi sausages. Was going to have a pudding but was so full. Walked the dog for an hour in the morning in the snow, then walked to pick Ella up from nursery with her sledge so was out for another couple of hours - felt so tired last night so didn't come on here!

Was pleased with myself though as trying so hard to do this.

Today has been good, but harder, was in the office so had two shakes and an apple, and then for dinner turkey, veg and potatoes, with a banana and muller yogurt for pudding.

Hope this is all ok, feel like I'm trying and was pleased with myself for choosing an apple from the lunch van, would have chosen a tasty sandwich or chocolate but am so scared of what might happen that I opted for an apple!!

Hopefully tomorrow will be good too!
I want to get out for a walk but I'm at work all day


starting again!
I want to get out for a walk but I'm at work all day
I know what you mean, I'm dreading tomorrow and Sunday as I'm working both days and will be stuck behind a desk :cry:

Hope you have a good weekend and get out for a walk in the snow.

I've had a good day food wise, had two slimfast shakes, dinner was a tesco healthier choice zap meal with a load of veg and I felt so stuffed! Even chose an apple again after swimming with Ella! and have walked the dog.

This evening I'm watching a DVD and have been sooooo good, I've had a skinny cow hot chocolate drink and thats it, normally i would have eaten loads of rubbish!

So I am pleased with myself, these tablets are doing the trick, just need to keep it up over the weekend.


starting again!
I'm pleased with myself, I was really worried about today as was gonna be in the office, and it was so quiet which made it drag even more!! But I was good.

Last night I sorted stuff out in the slow cooker for dinner tonight, I'm normally not this organised!!

Had two shakes again, two apples :greenapple:, dinner was a pork casserole type thing, with veg and some red lentils and strawberry muller light yoghurt.

Drunk lots as well, although to go to the toilet at work you have to go outside across the yard and it was 0 out there so not much fun after a lot of water and coffee!!!

Even walked the dog after putting Ella to bed, not too long but it was dark so didn't fancy walking through the woods!!

Hope everyone else has had a good day, I am even more determined to continue tomorrow now.
I wouldn't fancy peeing in the cold :D

We have a downstairs loo, but originally it was a gap between the extension and next door which has just been covered over. There is a heater but even if it were on, doesn't heat much. So it's absolutely freezing. Needless to say i normally use the one upstairs :D


starting again!
Had another day in the office today which was really slow and dragged but I did ok.

Wasn't quite as well prepared, had two shakes and an apple, forgot to take my tablet with one of them though.

Hadn't prepared dinner and was feeling really hungry, so was good and had rice, prawns and sweet corn - hadn't nothing much in so it wasn't very exciting but glad i didn't go off target. Would normally have ordered a take away.

Took the dog for a quick 1/2 walk to, didn't do any more as so tired. Think I'm gonna have an early night.

Am going to weigh on Tuesday as have to see the doctor that day to ask for Xenical so want to see how much I've lost since i started taking these tables on Tuesday.


starting again!
Had a good day today, really fancied chocolate but didn't want to risk it!!!

Took Ella to soft play so did some running around there and then we went swimming which was good. Had two shakes, and two apples :greenapple: (see the pattern here) and then dinner was quorn sausages, mash and mushrooms.

Took the dog for a walk and did two miles and just had a toffee muller light.

Am so tired now, looking forward to sitting down and watching hustle this evening.
Wonderful news!! Well done babe! That should keep you on the straight and narrow for this week. Heres to another good loss next week.

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