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Starting on 1st March 2010 anyone?

Hey all, I've just joined and am looking to see if anyone will be starting next monday.

I'm getting married in June and keep giving up so i thought I'd try CS.

i bought my pack yesterday and athough i want to get started I also am really apprehensive about the diet - I tried Slim fast some time ago and it didn't go well

Anyone who wants to join me is welcome :)
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You could join us on the 8 week challenge, I know you're just starting but everyone is helpful & nice. This is VERY different to slimfast, that made me ill. This is low carb, 3 snacks & 1 meal + 2 shakes/soups bars. How much do you want to lose?
Hello, I'm a fellow bride to be :) Will be a bride next year and funny enough i'll be starting CS on Monday :)

Would love to buddy up for motivation as i'm lacking init atm :(

How much are you looking to lose? I want to lose 3st. Which I hope can be achievable :)

Are you doing the shakes and soups?

x x soph x x
thanks voodo - i've already catch up with you guys o that thread and will probably post there too, its just nice to start with someone iykwim

soph hi- have you set a date yet? I'm not looking to loose much - i need too (as am in obese category) but i know my h2b loves me for who i am. i just want my size 16's to feel less snug and preferably look ok in a 14 dress that i can fit into, but looks terrible!!

I haven't got long 111 days so am gonna take it 1 day at a time
forgot to say am gonna get through the starter pack first and ill see what the weight loss looks like and what I like - then will buy some more

have you got a starter pack or are ou buying singles?
I'm getting married June next year. So excited.

Well I'm bursting at the seams in a 16, so wanna get down to a healthy 12/14 would love to keep my curves :) but loose the muffin top and jelly legs lol :)

I started CS last year briefly, but fell off the wagon due to stress (work etc...) and lack of motivation.

So 2nd time around I really need the motivation.

I'm gunna post a diet/exercise diary on here monday, If you like you can add yours too? and we can swap recipes and snack ideas? :)

Hey thats a great idea - I've never done cs before and i'm not sure I get the whole snaking thing or portion sizes yet I'm trying to read up on all that.

I am having a mini blow out tonight so am being v naughty
Hi, I'm starting on Monday as well. I had a baby back in December & now I have finished breastfeeding her I will start the diet.

I'm currently a size 14 & want to get to a size 10/12.

Good Luck everyone who is starting :) :)
Hiya rainbow - welcome to our little group.

I went shopping for snacks and our weekly food yesterday and the bill was horrendous - £80

I'm really hoping i have over estimated all the food i need as that kind of budget is not sustainable for long - especially buying the CS on top of that. Our food budget has just doubled :(

Will see what happens with the shop next week....
Hiya, thanks for the welcome!!

My food bill has definately got higher because of the allowable snacks plus I have 2 daughters, a baby (who only has formula at the moment) & my fiance to buy food for.
I'm cutting back on other things to pay for my Celebrity Slim but the sacrifices are worth it if I get the body I'm happy with!! I'm so unhappy about the way I look at the moment. I had my photo taken at a party last weekend, I almost cried when I saw it.

I got to admit I have been eating as many bad foods as possible & really pigging out this weekend. :sign0007: :D
lol me too - but i just got on the scales and could cry - I can't belive I have let myself put so much on - i have been yo yo dieting for a year and put on so much :(

I have been reading up on low carb diet and after seeing my weight am determined to make this work now

I am in serious shock :( :( :(
It's horrible that weight affects us so much isn't it :( :(

I am definately the heaviest I have been. I can't really blame my 3rd pregnancy for it because I hardly ate & only but on 2 stone & I'm only 2lb over my pre-pregnancy weight now. With my middle child I put on 3.5 stone & didn't lose all the weight from that pregnancy before getting pregnant again.

My downfall is lack of exercise!! I always find that I have so much to do around the house that I just don't find the time for exercise. The school run takes me me a maximum of 10 minutes to get there & back so not really strenuous.
I suppose I have to hold onto this feeling and remember this is why I am doing this/

Ok here is my meal plan for tomorrow:

breakfast : shake
snack - carrot cucumber and pepper sticks wiith small portion hummous

snack - chicken salad (swapped with lunch meal replacement)
lunch (about 3pm) - shake

dinner - chicken gravey + veg - is gravy ok?

snack - mullerlight (under 10g) with a few strawberries

does that sound ok?
Hey girles! Hows the first day going? I've posting an online diary from today. So have a look if you have time :) hope today is going well xxx
I'm only now having my first shake. Things are way too hectic in the morning before the school run so hopefully as I'm starting later, the evening won't be so bad as that is when I tend to comfort eat.

To make sure I drink the amount of water I should, I have filled a 2 litre Coca Cola bottle so when I finish that, I'll refill it & when I've drank that, it will be my water for the day.
Thanks hun, good luck to you too!! :)

I'm going to make a blog as well. Hopefully because I have to keep updating the blog on progress, I'll stick to it. I've never been so excited about being on a diet before!! I just want to own a size 10 pair of jeans again!! :D
If you go up to the top of the page & look on the left of the menu, there should be an option there to do a blog. :) :)
I'm doing mine with Blogger because I'd already registered before noticing the blog options on here.

I've felt really lethargic & dizzy today, but hopefully that will go in the next few days.

I think I need to have another re-read of the information booklet because I'm trying to write down what dinners I can have over the next week & want to make sure I don't put anything that isn't allowed.