Starting on Monday!


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Hi everyone, I did this diet back in 2007 and lost around 3 stone. It's gradually crept back on and whilst on lockdown due to this coronavirus I thought it would be a fantastic opportunity to shift the weight. I am a keyworker so I'm still going to work as I work for NHS and work 8-2 pm every day, so I shall take a shake to work with me to have around 9/10 am, have another one at 3 pm and then one later on about 7/8 pm. I am going to try and not have the extra 200 calories a day for the first couple of weeks if I can and see if I can drop the first stone quickly. I will then add them if I start to feel like I'm going to cave in!! I've got steak and sausages in the fridge and lots of potatoes, so will eat them this weekend and start on Monday.

My aim is to do this for the next 12 weeks and I hope to get 3 stone off. Good luck to anyone out there reading this :):)

Next step is how do I add a ticker??
Hi there! How are you getting on? I started cambridge diet two weeks ago but their packs dont keep me in ketosis anymore so I am changing to exante from tomorrow. Never used their products before so intrigued. Hope theyre good cause I bought loads :-/