Starting out on CD


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Hey Bloss, I was fine from day 1, it's as the weeks go on that it gets harder for me! Some weeks are fantastic, others are not so good!

You are meant to cut down on carbs & increase the amount of water you drink for a few days before you start to make your first few days easier. I went out on the friday night, had a horrific hangover all day the saturday so couldnt really eat anything...started CD on the sunday....and that first day was easier to get thru than the hangover the day before!!


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Took me about 5 days to get over the worst of it, and from week 2 was sailing. I had bad carb withdrawel as I had a last supper!!

For me it got better with time, I felt on some days that I could do CD for ever!!!

I lost 5 stone in 17 weeks, and am now in maintenence and doing well.


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It took me about 4 / 5 days to overcome the effects of detoxing and to get into ketosis. After that, I felt fine PHYSICALLY although it took a little longer to overcome the psychological cravings ('wanting' food rather than 'needing' food).

After a few weeks, it becomes a way of life although there are the occasional 'difficult days' (thankfully, not many). It helps tremendously that the results are so fast that it keeps you motivated.


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my first 2 weeks were the hardest, had no energy at all and felt like passing out, never had any headaches so that was a good thing, i has slowed me up at the gym cant do as much as i used to cardio wise but the weights are ok still, but the 3 rd week i got my enegy back


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Hi Bloss

I found the first week really easy, had lots of energy and didn't feel hungry... I'd made my mind up to stick to diet and that was it... HOWEVER... week 2 arrived and that was my hardest!!! I had a little voice inside my head for most of that week, telling me the diet was ridiculous and no way would i manage to complete it therefore i may as well just give up..... anyway to combat that, because I came soooo close to giving up (in fact I am so glad I live on my own and had no food to tempt me in the house!), i did some internet searches, found some peoples blogs - one being Icemoose's, sat there and read them all from day one through to finish.. I then discovered minimins.. and that was all i needed, I set up my diary, read other peoples and this gave me enough motivation and will to get through week 2...

NOW i haven't looked back, i have tremendous willpower, I don't ever consider eating.. food is irrelevant at the moment as my will to lose the weight is stronger! As u see the weight fall off and the inches decrease... it is an amazing feeling .. and enough to make me stick with it!

Good luck and best wishes, when you start the diet, feel free to PM me if ur having a sticky patch and need support