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Starting out


To infinity and beyond!
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Hi, I am hoping to start the Cambridge diet, I have been studying all the posts and tried to cut down carbs and increase water intake for the last few days ready to start tomorrow (Monday). However it's not been easy and last night ended up eating two caramel shortcakes and two kit kats. Is it still alright to go for it tomorrow if I am 'good' today?
I think half my trouble is I am impatient to start and in a wierd way looking forward to it. I am worried about the day 3/4 struggle I keep reading about and don't want to fail, so I know I need to be prepared, but at the same time think I will fare better when faced with food abstinence.

Thanks for any advice

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Hi Hun,

In my experience it does help to be ready and prepared by cutting down on carbs the week before you start.

Draw a line under your little 'blip' and start tomorrow as planned.

The first few days will be the absolute worst but believe me when you get on those scales for that weigh in it will all be worth it.

Best of luck and keep posting!



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When I started lipotrim, I didnt do any preparation in cutting down so its not vital to start the diet.......but it will make it easier.
Good luck for your start tomorrow.


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It obviously helps to prepare yourself,but to be honest,I didn't and I was fine.The first couple of days are the hardest whatever,but I would imagine it is a lot easier with some preparation.But just go for it and good luck-you can do it!


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I didnt do any prep either as I rang counsellor and she saw me same afternoon and got started next day so dont worry about it to much you will be fine!!! Sarahxx.


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I agree with sonkie and susieb, I didn't do any pep when I started LL (it wasn't something we were advised, or not advised, to do). No problems, hungry at first, but expected. I came over to CD more or less without a break (I was lactose intolerant and had to give up LL) and again no probs.

But, yes, if you can cut down on the carbs prior to starting you helping no-one but yourself.

Good luck when you begin

Chris livelifelighter


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I didnt do any prep before starting cd infact the exact opposite i ate all my fav takeaways the week before to get it out my system and didnt really have any side effects
good luck with your journey and look forward to hearing your progress xxxxxxx
yes is defo wise to prepare.. unlike me.. i ate everything in sight the day befor i started ss... was a bad idea.. but by day 4 i was doing ok, i personally have found not to set my hopes to high,, i no its hard to do when you read about so many people who have lost a lot of weight, in my first week i didnt lose as much as i would have liked.. i could have easy gave up then and there,,,, but i new this diet would work for me.. and it has proven me right

Best of luck too you



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Even the carbs you cut out before your little blip will have helped you. You dont have to cut carbs out before it just eases you in better if you do.

Good luck for tomorrow and just take it easy in the 1st week, take it hour by hour if you have to, keep as busy as you can. I had loads of early nights and long baths.


To infinity and beyond!
S: 23st7lb C: 15st13.5lb G: 14st7lb BMI: 32.1 Loss: 7st7.5lb(32.07%)
Thanks, but more advice needed please

Hi everybody,

Thanks to everyone for their words of encouragement and advice.
Can you please help again. I got weighed tonight at my first meeting and should have asked my counsellor who was really nice, but I was a bit embarrassed.
A friend gave me some CD products as she is no longer following CD, different flavour shakes and bars, also some water flavouring. I remember (I think) reading that you shouldn't have bars (or was it just cranberry and peanut bars) during the first two weeks. Waht about the water flavourings?
Can anybody shed any light on this? Obviously I don't want to do anything which will hinder my weight loss.



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Hi Holly, well done on getting started!! No bars for 2 weeks im afraid and I think you have to wait a week or two for the flavourings as well. Good luck on your cd journey, it is a truly amazing diet. Sarahxx.

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