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Starting Out....

Hey guys :)

:newbie: alert!!!

I have previously introduced myself in another exante forum but thought I would make myself known here too.

I'm Kara-Alicia, im 21 and I have 77-glorious-lbs to lose :sigh:, cant wait to get back into my size 10's ;) dont want to just be the frumpy mum my son wants to hide (its going to be a while as hes only 10 months old but I'm getting into practise :D :D)

I am starting the TS plan tomorrow (meant to be today, but post is running late :() and am a bag of mixed emotions :S but sooo far ive found some lovely people on here & i am loving the supportive vibe going on!! :grouphugg:

Anyway I am looking at for any tips or advice you could pass along, it/they would be most definatly valued and taken on board!!

I look forward to hearing from you and supporting each other along the way :D

Keep well!!!

(You can probs tell by now I like smilies ha ha)
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Hi YummyMummy,
I to am starting this week - well sort of started today but ended up having a small low car stirfry this evening. I have decided rather than call this a blip on my first day it will be a gentle intro into TS that I will stick to 100% starting tomorrow.

I am sure you will be just fine, but i can understand the nerves, as I am really daunted by the though of not having any real food for the next couple of months at least.

Good luck on you journey and when the hungers strike just keep remembering what it was like to be in those size 10 jeans - never lucky enough to ever be that slim - maybe this time!
Hi, I started yesterday and have been surprised as so far I've been coping fine! However I must say I was nervous on the days leading up to my start so know exactly what you mean! Good luck to you both and look forward to keeping up with you both as we start the journey!

I found setting out my "menu" for the week has helped me "look forward!" to my next one!

You can do it!! X
lol good recovery :D never liked cars myself ha ha

I know i have found it all so overwhelming but just thought to myself its for my own good :)...i abused the F word (not swearing i promise but we are not allowed to mention the one that ends in 'ood) lol.
Keep me updated on how you do :) be nice to have a buddy to keep a check in with :)
Good luck hope tomorrows better for you :)
Thanks to both of you for your kind replies. I really think that this forum is going to be a life saver - especially when the cravings rear their ugly heads. I have been on here for a couple of hours since my evening meal moment of madness and have not once felt the urge to go to the fridge.

Reading some of the other posts, it has been suggested that the packs be split in half - so that you have 6 smaller meals per day, which I am going to try tomorrow. I think for me it is more a habit and the expectation of food at certain times of the day rather than hunger.

YummyMummy - You can do it!
sparkleygal 11 - Keep up th good work!
Welcome to all newbies just started posting and great support available to help keep you on tract always some to talk to. Good luck on your journeys. Xx
I also started yesterday :) so far so good, the cutting packs in half, very good idea! And good luck everyone for today, here's to a 1oo% day! :) Xx
hello fellow TS's well finally got my pack through and had my first shake (vanilla) was expecting a yucky taste but I found it quite nice especially with ice :p...i am def going to try the 6 smaller shakes hopefully they go down better :) still trying to get into the mindset but its only day one after all xx

Good luck everyone

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