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Starting Phase 1 today

Hi everyone. :wavey:
I'm new to this thread.
I'm starting Phase 1 today. I suffer really badly from recurrent thrush and have lots of cravings so I'm choosing the Harcombe Diet to try and help those things as well as to lose a bit of weight. Only want to lose about 1/2 stone. Have tried lots of other diets in the past. Was successful with the old WW but when it changed I found myself struggling to lose weight and lost my motivation. Have been hovering around my goal weight for a good couple of years but have the odd blow out now and again hence the reason I've 1/2 st to lose again!

So today I have had/will have:
B: 2 eggs, 3 bacon, 2 tomatoes
L: Salad (lettuce, cucumber, tomato, carrot) with ham (off the bone, no added nasties)
D: Pork Chop with roasted vegetables (Butternut squash, onion, cherry tomatoes, pepper, courgette)

I have made it to lunch time without snacking but have been hungry for about an hour. This is pretty good for me as I normally snack from about 10am as I get really hungry. Might try having an extra egg tomorrow morning and see if that makes a difference.

Anyone else currently on any phase?
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Hi, I'm going to be starting on Monday.
Keep up dating how you are doing.
I've been doing Atkins so having a few days break, looking forward to Monday x

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I forgot to weigh myself yesterday so I did it this morning and was disappointed to see I'm back to 10st. I really want to get back to 9st7 so 7lbs to go.
Today has been a bit harder because I'm not feeling very well (was coming down with something before I started this so don't think its related). Wanted something stodgy and comforting for lunch but resisted temptation.
I did have an extra egg this morning & I was still hungry at 11.30....I just don't understand why, I'm clearly eating plenty. I hope the hunger gradually fades.
Heres my meals for today:
B: 3 bacon, 3 eggs, 2 tomato
L: Ham salad with total greek yoghurt
D: Chicken stir fry with my 50g brown rice allowance & lots of veg
Day 3 went ok. Still getting a bit hungry before lunch but I seem to be able to manage.
Drank a lot of cranberry teas yesterday as it was really cold and I needed warming up. Only problem I had was I felt the thrush coming back with a vengence last night, I'm hoping this is due to the candida die off I've heard about and its my last bout...will keep an eye on it over the next few weeks.
Went to a gathering last night where there was lots of cakes, crisps and sweets and I also cooked my husband a banana cake (to use the bananas i bought before I started this diet). I managed to resist all of it so was very pleased with myself.
Day 3 food was:
B: 3 bacon, 3 eggs, 2 tomatoes
L: 50g brown rice with stirfry veg (and a couple of pieces of chicken leftover)

Day 4 is going ok too.
B: 3 bacon, 3 eggs, 2 tomatoes
L: Small bowl of carrot & coriander soup (homemade) followed by some morrocan chicken kebabs (ingredients listed only chicken and spices/herbs) with salad and greek yoghurt.
D: Lamb Chops with griddled courgette/pepper/onion

For dessert I have been having a few spoonfuls of total greek yoghurt which is really nice - I hope thats allowed on this diet!

Not weighing myself until at least Sunday and I might continue with Phase 1 for a few more days...I'll see how I get on.
Finished 5 days of phase 1

I've now completed 6 days of phase 1 but am sticking with it as don't think I'm over my symptoms or cravings yet.

Day 4 we went out for drinks with friends in the evening so OH got drunk. I just had soda water with slices of lime in and drove us home (via the kebab shop for OH which was torture for me as by 1am I was getting hungry again, but had some Greek Yoghurt when I got in and went to sleep).

Day 5 (saturday) was terrible for hunger. I was feeling pretty full up with a cold, sore throat and banging headache so that didn't help. I was starving all day! At one point I felt so weak and went all shaky so I had more food than I would have normally.
B: 50g porridge made with water for breakfast (which was disgusting and didn't fill me up at all).
L: Bowl of carrot and coriander soup with some Greek Yoghurt
Snack: olives then 2 eggs and a slice of ham!
D: Butternut Squash curry (from the Harcombe website)
Originally OH didn't like the sound of the curry (no meat?!) but it was actually delicious! Unfortunately I'd wasted my brown rice allowance on my breakfast porridge so I just had the curry which was ok but I felt like I was unsatisfied.

Day 6
B: 3 eggs, 3 bacon and 2 tomatoes
L: Leftover curry (without rice)
Snack: slice of ham and another small bowl of curry
D: Stuffed peppers with my 50g brown rice allowance and some NLY (yummy!)

So I didn't weight in after 5 days but weighed today and am 9st10 so I've lost 4lbs. Thats not bad since I don't have that much to lose.
Going to continue until Friday like this. Saturday I'm out all day and at a friends in the evening so will eat what I'm given. Then the following week I think I'll try phase 2 (I'm a bit scared of phase 2 if I'm honest, can't get used to the no mixing rule (a pretty integral part!!)

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4lbs is really good well done.
Im starting for 5 days but may care on till lose the stone I need off!!!
Will keep you posted on how I get on x

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I'm now on day 10, still on phase 1.
I was going to weight myself today but I forgot so I will have to do it tomorrow.
My food diary for this week:
Day 7
B: usual
L: Leftover butternut squash curry with 50g brown rice
D: Chicken & veg stir fry

Day 8
B: usual
L: leftover stir fry with 50g brown rice
D: Pork Steak with roasted veg

Day 9
B: usual
L: Ham salad with NLY
D: Steak, parma wrapped asparagus, spinach

I've been doing ok, not really feeling 'great' like I think I'm supposed to be by now....quite lethargic and still getting headaches.
Last night I felt dreadful after my dinner. It just didn't sit right and my stomach was making lots of noises. I was really craving sweet things & couldn't decide if I was hungry. I ate a lot of NLY and eventually forgot about it & went to sleep.
I just don't know if this is a really bad case of candida die off or if I just don't really suit this way of eating.
I think I need to move into Phase 2 pretty soon as I'm getting bored of my food.
Today I decided to move into Phase 2 to get some variety in my food as I was getting bored after 9 days on P1. I bought some gammon without checking the label (stupid error on my part) and it has got dextrose in it. Have eaten it anyway as didn't want to waste it and I'm sure the dextrose wasn't a huge amount so I hope it doesn't throw me off course.

I cooked OH some homemade crispy potato wedges to go with his dinner and I LOVE crispy potato of any kind so I was quite proud of myself when I saw he'd left some but instead of eating them all like I would in the past, I threw them straight in the bin.

Keep me updated on your progress Lou
Progress Update

Well apart from a couple of little weekend slipups, I've stuck to THD for nearly a month and feel pretty good. Last time I weighed I was 9st 8 so still want to lose the last lb but I'm just happy to not be gaining & not feeling hungry at all. I never used to be able to get to lunch time without being starving & used to snack all morning but now I make it through to lunch no problem. I also haven't suffered from Thrush & that is a great feeling. I'm still only really doing phase 1 with the odd bit of cheese and a few other things but I have enough variety at the moment to keep going. I have resisted temptation lots and felt more resolve than on any other diet.
I recommend trying this way of eating to people who like me were always hungry.
It's good to see such a positive post for THD, I was thinking of starting this at the beginning of January bit them thought I've never continued with diet in jan past the first week so I read your journey and decided to get on with it. So I start to day at present drinking my tea without milk ...... Interesting but not unpleasant.
B= 2 boiled eggs
L= salmon salad
D= chicken and mixed veg
Also will get to the gym for some body pump.
ploddy said:
It's good to see such a positive post for THD, I was thinking of starting this at the beginning of January bit them thought I've never continued with diet in jan past the first week so I read your journey and decided to get on with it. So I start to day at present drinking my tea without milk ...... Interesting but not unpleasant.
B= 2 boiled eggs
L= salmon salad
D= chicken and mixed veg
Also will get to the gym for some body pump.
Starting weight = 12st 8. Might weight daily.
Well day one done and dusted. Must admit harder than I thought ha to concentrate on it late in the day as the office full chocolate at the moment. Went home in stead of the gym due to a nagging headache, figured my body getting rid of rubbish, had a massive craving for mince pies and tea cakes but ended up hiding upstairs away from the kitchen ( i'm a chicken!!). It worked although I woke up at 3am thinking about bread pure wickedness !! But I guess that's my poison . Is it to early on a detox to be experiencing this?

B= boiled eggs
L=salad and mackerel
D= liver bacon and cabbage

Weight at start= 12st 8
Weight today = 12 6.5
Well day two complete and I'm still motivated. Slept better last night but still feeling tired. Headaches again last night and cravings for carbs. Tested savagely last night as the other was drinking wine while watchin the football. Stuck to my guns tho and didn't cave in. I was having a full blown conversation in my head before eventually saying no... Hope I can keep this up. Dreading Friday as I have the Xmas do, but I've decided to drive and not drink the meal is a carvery so plenty off at and veg for me. Gonna try and get into the gym tonite even for a short burst of exercise.

B= 3 boiled eggs
L= salmon and salad
D= roast chicken and roasted veg

Weight today = 12st 4.5lb
Loss of 3.5lb
Well day four today and boy was it hard yesterday, couldn't stop eating and I cannot sleep I'm knackered. The positive being I'm losing weight and my tongue is less furry!! So that was just gross but it had to be told. Ha ha I really didn't think I'd experience this guess that my constant delusion regarding my eating habits. Still having headaches and stomach aches last night. The cravings have intensified despite eating loads again i had to hide up stairs away from the kitchen. Thursday always signifies the start of the weekend and the wine and pizzas start calling, however I remained strong and stayed on track it's working cause I've not trained for the last 4 days and dropping the pounds although I'm realistic regards the water and not fat, but I guess it the not feeling bloated that I'm enjoying .... BUT I CAN'T SLEEP!!!!!
Works night out tonite decided not to drink

B= eggs and bacon
L= salmon salad
D= cavery meats and veg

Start weight= 12st 8lb
Weight today= 12 3.5lb
Loss 4.5lb
Thanks for that babysat. Must admit I am enjoying the diet and I don't feel hungry and had some significant weight loss. Day four, Last night was the works do unfortunately I gave into bread roll and a rouge potato soup oh and the red wine and cheese cake ha ha ha good night of dancing and singing. So I don't feel quilty about it. Anyway back to the grind stone today

B=egg bacon
L= salmon salad
D= lamb and veg

Weight at the start = 12st 8lb
Today's weight= 12st 4
Well well well it's all good, I've done the 5 day phase 1 and I am impressed with this plan I struggle initially the first 3 days but after that kinda got into the swing of things Totally impressed with the plan more of an healthy eating plan than a diet. Total loss of 6 lb in 5 days. I think I'll keep going like this for another couple of day I go to lanzarote at the en of the week so I'll look at following phase 2 or 3

Weight at start 12st 8lb
Day 5 weight 12st 2lb


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