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  1. Twiggy123

    Twiggy123 Member


    I am not usually a forum type person, but have decided that it looks nice here and may help me by giving me somewhere to record everything and get support and advice (particularly if I am going wrong somewhere ;-)).

    So, I know that I have problems with blood sugar, cravings and an underactive Thyroid and have absolutely no will power whatsoever with sweet things, so this is going to be hard, but going from past experience a few years back when I just ate healthily (i.e. cut out chocolate etc) I know that I have never felt better, so I am determined to do this again! I am not desperately overweight but I know I am not healthy and should be slimmer. I am 5ft9 and today I weigh 12st1 - my goal is 10st8 as that is when I have felt my best. Although I would be perfectly happy with 11st. I try not to focus too much on weight as I know from the past when I have been very slim (as in size 8) I still weighed 10st7 on average as I was very fit, however, I am aware that due to physical issues I am nowhere near as fit as I once was, so I can't really blame muscle for my extra weight at the moment!

    I am really not a typical breakfast lover and so generally struggle finding something that is a typical breakfast food that I like, so this morning I am having ham salad and I have already had a cup of Chamomile tea. Lunch will probably be tuna salad and then dinner I have some homemade sausages (with no gluten) which I may do as a casserole with various veggies and tinned tomatoes - something like that anyway! I will report back when the decision has been made!

    I have bought a tub of NLY but I really hate the flavour so I am going to force it down for the benefit of my health and see if I can get used to it! My plan is to use it in some cooking as well, like curries and marinades which will be a bit more pleasurable I hope!
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  3. Twiggy123

    Twiggy123 Member

    Oh my god! I have already been struggling (shows just how awful I am!). Serious blood sugar dips already and feel really horrible - in fact my stomach is more bloated than usual :-(. Had to stand in the Post Office right next to a load of chocolate on special offer (can't resist a bargain anyway, but a chocolate bargain is almost impossible!) and nearly gave in, but I didn't so very proud of myself! Managed to just about make it home without collapsing and then resisted tucking into the pretzels that are taunting me in the cupboard (which are still calling at me while I am sitting in the kitchen... I can hear them... really I can....). I have just had to make myself an omelette with onions and a couple of cherry tomatoes to try and stop myself passing out so have wolfed that down and am hoping I will feel better soon! Trouble is, eggs don't really agree with me so we will see how we go! I really wasn't prepared to have almost fallen off the wagon on Day 1! Anyway, so, so far I have eaten ham salad for breakfast, 30g porridge with water for a kind of brunch (didn't have much time) and then just now the omelette. I am even thinking about trying to eat some NLY now - that really is desperate for me!

    I do hope this gets easier...
  4. charlotte1985

    charlotte1985 Full Member

    It is pretty amazing how quickly the weight drops off, I have been doing this diet since last Tuesday and its going well (although I have had two bad days this week) and so I've restarted phase 1 today.

    I struggled mostly with missing caffeine, but I lost 4.5lbs in about five days - so it was worth it.

    I've just obviously introduced foods back into phase 2 that cause my cravings, hence the two bad days. I'm putting it down to experience (ha)
  5. Sweet-Temptation

    Sweet-Temptation Full Member

    Well done Twiggy for resisting the Chocolate! Tomorrow is my last day of phase 1 and I have felt fine on it and found it quite easy. I have been having bacon and eggs for breakfast - I did try porridge and NLY once but it was not my thing and made me feel sick. I have had ham & egg salad for lunch and for tea either steak, fish, chicken or pork with 50g of brown rice with either roasted, boiled or stir fry veg. I have managed not to have any snacks and I am surprised I have not felt hungry. I think I have lost around 5 lbs so far so its been worth it. Keep it up and report back x
  6. Twiggy123

    Twiggy123 Member

    Thanks everyone. I haven't given up yet (she says on only the beginning of Day 2 ;-))! Last night I had roasted butternut squash, onions, red pepper and cauliflower (who knew cauliflower would be so tasty cut up small enough to get it all crispy in the oven :)) and homemade sausages and I only needed 2 of the 3 sausages I had put on my plate which was interesting. So I have saved the sausage to have today with some eggs :). The best thing for me last night was that I managed to resist the urge to eat anything sweet after dinner as that is almost habitual for me - I just had a nice cup of Chamomlie tea.

    I have decided I am going to weigh myself everyday and at various times, just because I am interested in how it fluctuates (if it does!). Standing on the scales is not something that bothers me as such, so I think I am safe to do this - and it satisfies my fascination ;-). So interestingly last night I was 12st3lb!! Obviously the weight of the veg in my stomach or something ;-). I will keep a track as it may be helpful to people to see what happens (sacrifcing myself for science ;-)). And I just figure - worst case scenario - if I put weight on eating healthily and cutting out my 2 most enjoyable groups of food (chocolate and bread) then it must mean that my chocolate and bread diet is actually better for me so I can go back to it :p
  7. Rkmriddell

    Rkmriddell Gold Member

    Hi twiggy. Welcome. Not many of us on here ATM but its a good supportive little bunch. Your food is sounding good, stick with the yoghurt its amazing how your tastes will change within the week! Good luck and stick around let us know how you go x
  8. lucielou

    lucielou Full Member

    Best of luck twiggy! the first days are def the hardest and it will get so much easier! i'm on day 11 and it is almost routine to me now, cravings are gone the majority of the time! You can do it keep up updated :) x
  9. Twiggy123

    Twiggy123 Member

    Thanks guys :). Well I am still doing it and it is day 3! It actually hasn't been as hard as I thought and I don't think that my body is craving chocolate, but my taste buds and my brain, so I am managing (so far) to stop myself eating any! That is a surprise to me as I normally have such sugar ups and downs that I thought I would be a mess by now! And really, I normally eat a lot of chocolate/cake, probably 3 normal size bars a day, or a big bar easily and then maybe some other cakes thrown in, so it really is a big deal!

    I weighed myself yesterday morning and was 12st so 1lb down! Will weigh myself again when OH wakes up so I don't disturb him! I am still bloating which is interesting and feeling generally a bit headachey but I am ok - what I am really struggling with is breakfast and what to have. I woke up hungry this morning but I just don't know what to have as I tried to eat some NLY but honestly nearly threw it back up again, I really can't stomach it at all, so I am going to have to give up trying. Eggs are a bit like that as well as I can only really manage one before it makes me feel sick (I have a bit of an egg intolerence after having a bad one which made me violently ill a few years back and since then my body seems to not appreciate them so much!). I did have some porridge with water which, although pretty gloopy and unappetising, didn't make me want to throw up so is edible, but I have to cook that in the microwave ideally (as it just gets stuck to saucepans so would rather not do it on the hob - yes I have rubbish saucepans :rolleyes:) and I can't do that until the OH gets up as it will wake him up. So I am sat here properly starving (as in empty stomach starving!), wondering what on earth I can eat! I was unorthodox on the first day and had salad and ham, so I think I may be doing something similar today or I am just not going to cope! Does anyone have any other ideas or shall I just continue to be unorthodox? :confused:
  10. Rkmriddell

    Rkmriddell Gold Member

    Have you tried Greek nly? I like that. You're much more considerate of oh than I am lol. Wouldn't stop me eating!! Lots of people eat salads, cold omlette, leftovers etc. whatever works really. I had some puffed rice and skimmed milk then some shredded wheat. Have over eaten a bit this morning. Won't fill me for as long as bacon etc but I enjoy cold cereal sometimes x
  11. Twiggy123

    Twiggy123 Member

    RKM - thanks, but Greek is the same - I think it is almost psychological! Anyway, I have now had my porridge and definitely feeling better - I actually put some raw oats in there as well this time which gave it a much better consistency so will do that in future as well :).

    I have just weighed myself this morning and I am 11st13lb so it is definitely going in the right direction! I have got one of those body fat and water analysers and my body fat has reduced a little (although I can't now remember the numbers so will write them down in future!) and my water % has gone up to 50% which is better as I was at 47% on Day 1. All interesting stuff :).

    Taking the dog out for a walk now and am going to buy some special bacon as a treat for my lunch - I am not a massive bacon fan but every so often I fancy it and today I do, so I figure if I can tell myself that I am 'treating' myself to it instead of a whole chocolate cake for example then I should keep resisting the urge to eat sweet things :). I do have left over curry from last night that needs to be eaten but because I fancy the bacon I am just going to have that - the curry can wait until this evening :p
  12. Rkmriddell

    Rkmriddell Gold Member

    Great results already!! Hope you enjoyed the bacon and curry. Keep up the good work x
  13. Twiggy123

    Twiggy123 Member

    Well I am a little bit disappointed to be honest as it is now Day 6 and I am 12st exactly! Seeing as I started at 12st2 I don't really think that is anything to shout about! I am trying to tell myself that I suppose I am not really that overweight so I guess if you only need to lose one stone then it perhaps doesn't drop off as fast?? But I think I am clutching at straws! My body fat started at 30.1%, went down to 29.9%, then up to 32.4% and is now today at 28.9%:confused:.

    So at this point in time I am not exactly convinced by the diet to be perfectly honest as I have completely stuck to the rules and although I definitely feel better and generally less bloated that is kind of common sense anyway as I have cut out all the cr*p! So, I have decided that I am going to basically continue with eating lots of veg, no potatoes, no chocolate and definitely no wheat for the next week or so and see how it goes. I am pretty sure I am ok with dairy as I don't have much of it anyway - I probably have the odd bit of cheese and one cup of tea with a dash of skimmed milk in it anyway, so I am sat here with my first cup of tea and enjoying it :D.

    One thing I would like to discuss is how people are finding it coming out the other end so to speak. Sorry if I am a bit graphic for anyone, but I have hardly 'produced' anything at all since I started. I have had a LOT of gas and wind (which I guess is the vegetables although I normally eat a lot of veg) but when I sit on the loo, which is only once a day, I only get rid of something the size (and consistency!!) of a golf ball which is being generous! :eek:. I realise that if you are eating less rubbish, you will have less 'waste', like with my dog for example who is on the BARF (raw food) diet and so doesn't eat any processed rubbish and she has lovely (if you can describe any poo as lovely!!) firm smallish poos that don't smell bad at all, in comparison to most dogs who eat tinned/dried food who have terribly stinky, giant ones, but she eats much less than me and produces much more in a day!! I can't honestly believe it is healthy to do what I am doing - there must be more waste surely? Maybe that is why I appear to not really be losing any weight! Does anyone else mind sharing whether they are experiencing the same, or is it something wrong with me?! :rolleyes:
  14. Rkmriddell

    Rkmriddell Gold Member

    Remember that the body fluctuates. That's why you should only weigh etc once a week max. You've lost 2lb which is great, especially when you've been able to eat nice food and have made great health improvements. You're right that you don't have a lot to lose so you won't lose a stone etc straight away. Your bowels will catch up I have days like that, yesterday was one, but earlier in the week it seemed to be never ending, pardon the tmi. It's just going to take some time to adjust and learn what's new. You're doing great so stick with it xxx
  15. charlotte1985

    charlotte1985 Full Member

    I just get slimatee from holland and barratt. That soon clears and problems up!!
  16. Twiggy123

    Twiggy123 Member

    Thanks guys. I am just really not sure that this is doing anything for me with the whole weight loss thing! I have actually only lost 1lb in a week and my body fat has gone up again to 31.1%. The only thing that I think I have been doing 'wrong' I have just realised is that I haven't really been eating my quota of rice, but surely that should be a good thing rather than bad??

    I have now introduced dairy, but as I said, it is minimal anyway, but I honestly at the moment feel like I may as well be stuffing my face with chocolate like I was before as it seems to make no difference at all! Yes, I am feeling better in myself but I feel that this is the lack of wheat mostly - and I didn't eat very much processed food in the first place (I am a bit of an organic, ethical meat eater which limits your choices with processed food anyway!) so really the main changes in my diet are no bread and sugar. I will carry on for another week and see how I go and I won't weigh myself I have decided until Monday and hope that something has happened by then! I understand that weight fluctuates, but actually having weighed myself a lot, I can see it is fluctuating, but it has only fluctuated between 11st13 and 12st2 - and the last 2 days between 12st and 12st2! And seeing as I actually started at 12st1 it is a little disheartening as you can imagine!

    Good news is that things are better the other end this morning :p

    Sorry having a bit of a moan aren't I?! Anything to avoid submitting my tax return today!! :rolleyes:
  17. Rkmriddell

    Rkmriddell Gold Member

    Yuck to tax return. Stick with it, there really is no healthier way of eating and that will bring the benefits eventually you just need to wait x
  18. Twiggy123

    Twiggy123 Member

    Thanks RKM. It really is valuable having a little bit of support to keep you motivated!

    I am actually coping really well with eating more healthily (although I suppose I am not necessarily following all the Harcombe rules exactly). It has now been 8 days that I haven't had any chocolate or cake which is an absolute miracle (I did actually buy some Green and Blacks 85%, but tried one square and it was revolting so is still sat in the fridge!). I have actually got even better about going into shops and just ignoring the chocolate, although I did nearly cave when I nipped in to a baker's the other day to get some lunch (which was a tuna salad btw ;)) and they had beautiful homemade cakes that I never in a million years would have been able to resist 2 weeks ago! But it is surprising how good it actually makes you feel when you walk out the door, salad in hand... and no cake! I almost feel a bit too righteous and hope I don't start looking down my nose at people who don't eat 'proper' food :snooty: :p.

    So, suffice to say that I am feeling much more positive today - I have really noticed a massive difference in my appetite, as in I had to actually almost force myself to eat 3 meals yesterday and they were only small ones. So for example, all I had yesterday was 2 thin rashers of bacon, 2 eggs (yolks only) and 2 small tomatoes for breakfast; bolognese (homemade, so minced beef, onion, red peppers, tinned tomatoes and herbs) for lunch and dinner - no rice or anything and they were only small portions which were a struggle to eat! Oh and yesterday my OH sat next to me eating a fresh french stick covered in butter (which is another one of my weaknesses) and I actually wasn't that fussed by it at all, after the initial 30 seconds of this :drool: ;). I definitely have a lot more energy (which is something I struggle with because of my underactive thyroid anyway) so that is a real bonus, particularly as I am so busy with work at the moment (tax return done, but VAT return still to do this week :yuk:).

    So, I am really interested to see what the scales say on Monday and see if they reflect how I feel! I am pretty sure my love handles have gone down a bit, but that may be wishful thinking! :D
  19. Rkmriddell

    Rkmriddell Gold Member

    Dark choc should be at room temp. But it's funny how quickly your tastes will change!! Well done though it sounds like you're doing great! What do you mean when you say you're not following the rules exactly? Don't force yourself to eat Hun, think its quite common for some people to only eat twice a day. Just eat when you're hungry! I've a big appetite so no way that would fill me up but if it works for you stick with it! And well done on resisting, the cravings definitely get easier the longer you resist!! Vat returns, joyous!! What work are you in then? Good luck for Monday, let me know how you get on x
  20. Twiggy123

    Twiggy123 Member

    Ha RKM - don't tell me that dark chocolate should be at room temperature... now I have taken it out the fridge and am looking forward to eating some at room temperature... and it is all your fault! ;):p I am sure I still won't like it though but I will give it a try just to be certain!

    Just nipped into my local M&S to buy some veg and my god that was hard - they were baking and all I could smell were their milk chocolate cookies which are one of my favourite things! And I hadn't had any breakfast so it was absolute agony but I did resist, came home and cooked myself a bit of brown rice, stir fry onions and courgette with some turmeric and cumin and a fried egg on top (although I only eat the yolk as it is definitely the whites that make me feel sick) - not quite the same as a milk chocolate cookie! I haven't been having much rice at all to be honest as it definitely makes me bloated which is interesting. Just having that little bit now, I feel pretty horrible so I think I am not going to have it again. I seem to be doing ok just with meat/fish and veg to be honest although I am a bit worried I should be eating a bit more variety than that. I have introduced some berries over the last couple of days and have just bought some more NLY as I reckon I can stomach it if I have it with some berries - not sure how that really works with the Harcombe but I think I am veering more towards the Low GL type diet now anyway and they are apparently zero GL so as long as they don't start any sweet cravings off then I figure I am ok - and they are full of goodness! I am also eating some dairy again, but just a little bit of organic cheese and skimmed milk in my one cup of tea a day as I am not really a dairy fan anyway so I definitely will never crave it.

    I don't think I have lost any weight though and won't be surprised if my scales say I am 12st tomorrow still to be honest (but I am feeling very fat right this second because I am bloated from the rice I suppose!). Anyway, we will see! I just hope it is worth it - I guess I am in a bit of turmoil because I am not that desperately overweight (although I definitely should be slimmer, no doubt about it, but I am tall so probably get away with it a bit better) and I have nearly always eaten tons of rubbish like chocolate and have, for example, stayed at just over 12st for the last couple of years - and that really is eating at least a couple of bars of chocolate a day! It is the lack of exercise now due to knee problems I think that is having the biggest effect - I can swim, but I don't have any spare hours in the day and to go swimming takes up a lot of time as ridiculous as it sounds - the pool is 15 mins drive away and I have long thick hair which needs to be dried, so to go swimming every other day or something would take up at least an hour and a half (if I am lucky) of my time. I am trying to sort my life out at the moment so I am not working so hard, but with debts to pay it is hard (and then of course you have to pay for the pool :rolleyes:)... oh how I wish I had my own little indoor pool - I would be in heaven and probably nice and slim!! :D

    And in answer to your question about work, thankfully I am not an accountant or book keeper or anything I just do a bit of freelance work on the side doing some accounts, and then I had my own tax return to do which I do normally get done much sooner than the deadline but it didn't happen this year! How people do book keeping all year round I just have no idea!
  21. Twiggy123

    Twiggy123 Member

    Well I have just weighed myself and I am 11st10 and body fat is 28.8% so there is definitely an improvement! Thank god for that! I am so so relieved that it is going in the right direction :D. I am going to weigh myself again on Friday and see how I am doing then :)

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