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Starting Sole Source Tomorrow!

Heey Love!!

Welcome on board..am just on my third day of SS. So far its been ok..we'll see how it goes the rest of the week. Oh by the way the first 3 days are the worst soo if u get pass them u'll will be fine. Good luck for ur start 2mrw!!

Sarah xxx
hiya :welcome: to Minimins. Best of luck for tomorrow try and cut down on the carbs today and it will ease you in to ketosis nicely. Once you get over week one you will be flying. Lots of advice and support here. Were a friendly bunch

becky xx


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Hi & welcome soontobelittlegem!!

I too have alot of weight to lose - now on wk 4 & just over 1 1/2 stone gone for ever!!!
Another 8 st 7lbs to go.

It does get easier once you're over the first week & once you start to see the weight falling off you realise its worth all the hard work. :D

This forum is great for support & motivation.

Good luck on your weight loss journey.



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Welcome , What have you ordered for your first order of CD ? I'm sure your in for a treat lol

Good luck hun and Welcome xxx

Janie xx
Welcome and good luck with your first week. I have load to lose and I think this diet is less daunting than others, cos you know that you can lose at least a stone a month - let us know how you get on x
Good luck for your 1st wk! I'm now on my 2nd week and like you was very motivated and excited about starting that definitely helps. This forum is an absolute godsend check in reguarly for support and encouragement. Think I could get obsessed with this forum! Good luck! x
Welcome and good luck hun, though the first week is the worst its also the best because of the excitement of it being new so bask in the newness and you will be fine look forward to hearing your first loss :)


This is the last time!!
Hiya, I'm on day 40 now and finding it very smooth...still waiting for the brick wall to hit me lol!
I'm sure you'll do great.

Also, my CDC didn't set me a goal, she asked me what my personal goal was. So maybe, to make it a little less daunting, you could try and set yourself an initial weight loss goal of 4 stone. Just a thought from me there. Sometimes when teh road ahead is SOOOOOOOOOO long, it's easy to get disheartened.

Best of luck tomorrow, this diet is so worth the efforts, you'll be melting away the pounds in no time :)
welcome and good luck - as everyone says the first few days are the worst and then it gets easier. I am sure you will do really well - pop in here for lots of encouragement and motivation - there is a great bunch of people here.


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Welcome , What have you ordered for your first order of CD ? I'm sure your in for a treat lol
Hiya! I have at least one of every flavour of shake except cappucino as I am not really a coffee person. Just had strawberry this morning at it was pretty nice :)
Didn't go for soups and I'm not a soupy person either hehe! Odd how much food I DON'T like and yet I still managed to put on loads of weight!! :(


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Thanks everyone!

Thanks everyone for all the encouragement and welcoming me into the fold :D

I feel a bit waterlogged already but I am sure I'll get used to it. Keep running to the loo every 5 minutes!!!

I will keep everyone posted about my losses and I am keeping an online blog too if anyone is interested in reading it...bit of bedtime reading maybe hehe!! -URL REMOVED -

Speak to you all soon! :eek:


Strong women stay slim
Soups good in the winter , as you get very cold on CD then , but yes most go for sweet shakes . Keep shaking