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Starting soon


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Hello, I am going to be starting ww on mon 7th June, would have been next mon but obviously bank holiday :(

I have been doing atkins and have done really well, but have had problems with it and it ended up making me feel quite poorly. I was discussing this with my nurse (was actually there for a smear!) and she asked if I would like to be referred to ww for 3 months free! so i jumped at the chance. I was actually thinking about joining a while ago, but thought I would give atkins a try as I couldn't really afford the meetings at the time and wasn't sure how well I would do going it alone.

I thought I would introduce myself now since I know i will definitely be doing this, so I can get to know people before I start:)
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wants to get slim
hello kerry xxx and welcome you will like it on here were a frendly bunch on here , if you need any help or advice just ask we here for you xxx


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Thanks Phil:), and wow you have done so well! what an inspiration, you must be so proud of yourself. Hope I can do so well!


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hello and welcome!! have you been in contact with the leader of your class you want to join? some are open on the bank holiday still, mine is at least, so you might not have to wait that extra week.


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I rang the ww number for nhs referrals and they registered me yest and asked which meeting I wanted in my area and she said it wasn't on next mon so would have to be the one after, but its half term so would have had to drag my kids there with me! Actually does anyone know if they allow children, just incase i can't get a sitter my youngest is 2 and would be in her pushchair or do they prefer they don't come?


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aww thats a shame its not on, and Ive been to classes in the past with kids in, 2 girls would come with their mum they'd just sit and play with handheld games consoles didn't bother me in the slightest they were no trouble.


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ooh thats good news. It wouldn't be every week as my bf only works the occasional monday so hopefully noone in my meeting will mind :)


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Welcome to WW and good luck on your weight loss journey!


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Well you've made the first step! I wish my area did WW referrals, they do SW but stoped WW a few months ago :(

Good luck, just be sensible until your first class :)


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Thanks everyone for replies, I am chuffed that I've been referred I never knew the nhs did that. My nurse said they used to do sw referrals but changed to ww recently.

I can't wait to get started and will just be sensible til I do(I'll try anyway:rolleyes:) need to get in shape for a hen night in july!


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I've been to two different WW classes - both of which had people bringing their kids so I can't imagine it being a problem. Just promise them a present after if they're good hahaha! Good luck with your journey!


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welcome and good luck!! :)

I never heard of GP referrals before, thats fantastic!!
I take my 11 month old son to my meetings with me, he just plays in his pram normally and nobody minds even when his babbling gets a bit loud :D


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Thanks. Its good to know this so I can take my girl along to the odd meeting if i need to, Am sure she will want to get out her pushchair and run round like a maniac, but she will just have to behave for once lol:D
How long are the meetings usually? and apart from the weigh in what do they involve? I have never been to one before and I am quite nervous!:eek:

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