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Starting soon!

Congratulations on your forthcoming wedding!

I have lost 2.5 kilos on this diet in 2 weeks and am forecast to be at my true weight round about your wedding date (so would mean a loss of 9.5 kilos). I don't know if I'll do it or not, but if you are starting on Monday, a stone should definitely be achievable.

Have you been on the Dukan official site to check your true weight and how many days on attack you should do, etc?

Everyone here is lovely, helpful and supportive, so keep logging in as it does keep you on track!


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Welcome and congrats on forthcoming nuptials xxx


** Chief WITCH **
The Alli diet? Tell us more (those pills?)

How exciting having a wedding to slim for... we're EVER SO nosey over here, so I hope you'll be giving us sneak previews!

Do you have all your shopping in (oatbran?), menus planned etc.? How long attack are you doing?



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Congrats on your wedding coming soon, ( I dreamed I got married lat night, to my dh lol) Best thing is to get everything you need in, take time looking through the menu and recipe threads, there are some great ideas


** Chief WITCH **
fortunately you weren't dreaming of another, Cathy!


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Lol when I woke up I didnt know whether to feel relieved or a bit disappointed ;-P
I'm going to do attack for 7 days as I have about 40lbs to lose altogether, I follow a wheat free diet anyway which is high in protein so it shouldn't be too hard I hope!


** Chief WITCH **
7 days is a lot... 5 would be sufficient truly. He even says now that it's futile putting one's body (notably intestines!) through overly lengthy periods in attack as he's noticed that people don't lose any more weight doing that. 3 will get you into ketosis and into the zone. 5 is fine if you've 3 stone to lose.

Up to you of course.

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