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starting ss+ tonight and scared!!

am worried i will gain weight if i eat everyday (albeit small amounts). i am on week 4 and not having had regular food for this many weeks has made me really scared to eat something on a daily basis.

i am having a chicken leg tonight with some lettuce but am a bit terrified! can anyone help allay this irrational fear???

is anyone doing ss+ and still losing? I know i am being silly but would like some reassurance. thanks in advance
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i don't have any of the books from my CDC, but know the amounts (120g of chicken). I weighed with the bone and it was a bit heavier but i should be ok. can i ask what you will be eating this week? might give me some ideas.

thanks a lot. I would LOVE To lose 5 lbs this week...
anyone else with advice? i know that over 40 people have viewed the post but only one reply. i have had my meal of chicken and lettuce and feel ok. when i started CD i didn't figure that i would get so emotional about food and eating. today, eating my chicken i felt really bad and really like i had given up on CD, even though it is allowed. although i love the diet i have found that it has warped my view of food and eating anything now seems stressful. i am sure this has more to do with my way of thinking rather than the diet and at least CD is making me look at my relationship with food.

this diet is not easy and into week 4 i have found that it has really made me question myself. although i am not hungry any more i have an emotional need to eat sometimes and that is coupled such extreme guilt. CD is making me confront these issues and i am really hoping that by the end of my journey i will be able to banish all bad eating habits.

sorry to rant - just had to let off some steam.


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i know how you feel leeds, i am simply terrifiedabout re-introducing food up the plans. my program does not call of AAM weeks so i have a decission to make, I was going to do this for 16 wks only then move up. now i am thinking about continuing on packs only, for a few months more. i go back and forth with that idea. my heart starts to race even to just think about having to think about eating food.:eek::argh:


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hey there honey. one of the parts of doing ss is to make us face up to the problems we have. by taking food out as a factor, it makes us confront the times when we would have eaten something when it was unnecessary. unfortunately the flip side of this is that we have to learn when and how it is necessary. ss+ is the first step in doing this. relearning our boundaries and enjoying the fact that we can eat something and still lose weight. in face you should lose the same amounts as you do on ss.

i've had a quick look around and i have found a link to the cambridge sole source book...


i hope that helps hon. good luck.

abz xx

thanks girls. edibeedee - it is quite scary eating food but i did expect to wake up this morning heavier and that has not happened.

thanks for the link!
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I have been doing SS+/810 for 18 weeks and have lost 3 stone. You will still lose on SS+ as it is still a vlcd. The danger is not in eating the carefully measured amounts, because you will still lose if you stick to that and nothing else, but that it will trigger the desire for more food.

So listen here. Still see the meal as pure 100% CD diet food. It is not real food!!! That works for me.

I don't even vary it greatly. I have turkey, roasted in the oven with no skin or fat, with either cabbage or cauliflower, most nights.

Good luck
thanks frances. i am struggling with the weighing as guessed last night but will measure tonight. i had chicken with cucmber last night and felt great. thanks for the info.

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