Starting tips


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hey , sorry no one has replied .. i only just seen this , the main page of the forum is busier so may be better posting there !!

Good luck on starting today :)

My main tips -

Be positive .. get excited about the diet and the amazing change you can expect .. the people who fail are the people that see the diet as a negatice thing and resent it .. it is YOUR choice to be doing this

Have the mind set that you CAN eat if you choose to , but you are CHOOSING to stick to the diet .. this ut the control in your hands

Drink lots of water .. water is key to the plan , aim for at least 3 litres ( I find it easier with flavourings , but most CDCs get you to wait till week 2 or 3 ) , glug whenever you feel hungry , it can help 'fill you up '

Distraction is key in the first week ... i always end up spring cleaning , rearranging kitchen cupboards , furniture , .. anything to distract yourself from any feeling of hunger

Remember that the first week will be tough .. BUT after that 1st amazing weigh in and when you are in ketosis it does get loads easier .. focus on this , just push through this tough week and you will be flying :)

keep coming on here for advise , support and inspiration :)

Good luck , i look forward to seeing your progress :)