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starting to nibble.

Arrrgghhh! I've got 2 weeks left before i start RTM and I've had enough! I'm starting to pick a little bit, I'm not eating anywhere near large quantities but am having a bite here and there of things that my partners eating.:break_diet:
I've done it about 3 times this week and even though I know I only have 13 days to go it's getting really hard to not want different flavours.:sigh:
Just wanted to get it of my chest really!
Thanks for reading x
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hi there
i felt like doing this and so went into RTM a couple of weeks early, glad i did as now i can nibble away and am back on track. i thought it was better to start early than sabotage the end of abstinence
hope you sort it out, you've done really well, be a shame to spoil it now...
daisy x:hug99:


I Can Do This!
You have done brilliantly so far. Try writing down why you started LL and a strategy to keep yourself on track for the last couple of weeks. What are your triggers - if eating with your partner, then avoid that for the next week, or sit with a drink or a bar to keep your hands occupied. Hope you get yourself sorted and achieve the result you want. xx


...we're sinking deeper.
I remember that when I was about 2 weeks away from RTM in abstinence I started picking at pieces of ham and stuff; but in the end I decided to go into RTM early. BIG MISTAKE.
At the end of the day: if you can't control your picking at things before you're "meant" to: then how will you control any sort of picking when you are eating 'normally' in the future? This is exactly the sort of behaviour we all need to learn to control through the use of what LL teaches us. This is exactly when you are meant to put all that you've learnt to the test.
Admittedly I didn't do very well the first time. And then I did full RTM; and because I never quite reached target I always FELT like a failure and the picking and eating very slowly but surely started to get out of control. If I didn't stop and re-evaluate myself and go back to LLLite within the space of 2 months of officially finishing RTM I'd have put on at least 3-4 stone back on by now.

It's all a very slippery slope by dear. At the end of the day: YOU are the only person who is letting yourself down. Yes. By picking you are very much undoing everything you've achieved so far. A nibble here and there won't amount to much: but it's more the PSYCHOLOGICAL damage you're doing yourself.

Seriously. Ask yourself. Is the nibble in your hand WORTH IT? Is it really? ...Ask yourself every time you pick something up. ... I know I still do, even though I'm finished with Lite RTM.
In a way, sometimes we lose perspective of time. We live in the NOW. So the nibble matters to us in the present. However; if you think about it: the nibble will still be there tomorrow, or even when you start RTM in 2 weeks time. It's not going to run away from you. It will wait until you're nice and ready to fully receive it and to fully DESERVE it.

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