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Restarting to lose 4stone
Hi guys :D

Could anyone please tell me when on CD you HAVE to start moving up through the CD programmes to start stabilising your weight?

Is is when you have reach goal weight or before you get to goal?

Cheers :D
SS and 790 are not suitable for anyone with a BMI of 25. I normally start AAM at BMI 26/27 for one week, then 790 for one week then on to 1000.

Thanks Linda :)

So if I swapped to CD at 25.9 then I would start on the 1000 plan and move through at 2 weeks on that then the 1200 and the 1500?

Thanks for taking the time to help :D

What I would suggest is AAM for three days, 790 for four days then 1000. You need to gradually introduce food in the right order.

Have you discussed this with your CDC, he she should be able to take you through this.

I'm just chewing over whether to swap at this stage Linda and am just weighing up my options :)
I was about 26 BMI when I moved to a couple of weeks AAM, then onto to stabilisation officially.

Having said that, I had no intention of losing any more, and I didn't...not until I finished stabilisation and started maintaining...then it sort of started moving a bit again.:confused:
If you eat too little you will stop losing weight. You should still lose on AAM and 790 and on all programmes upto and including 1500 cals.

As CDC's we are not allowed to supply BMI 26 or under without the use of food.

The gradual reintroduction of food is key to long term maintenance.

I did do it by the book. My CDC was very strict like that :D

I didn't usually lose when on AAM, and didn't lose during the stabilisation, but then I'm weird like that. Have Hashimotos disease which they can't seem to control that effects my weight, so I'm probably the exception rather than the rule.

I'm so pleased that I had a CDC that encouraged me to do it as Cambridge expects. I know it doesn't work for everyone, but I do feel that some people are encouraged to try all sorts of variations before they've even tried it 'as written'.
I have two customers at the moment only doing 790 both have lost 2 stones in 2 months and feel great.

I have others also losing on the higher programmes. One of my girls just moved to 1000 after doing 790 for two weeks her loss this week was 3.5 lbs and another inch off her waist. She couldn't believe it as she had eaten so much.

When undertaking the higher programmes it is essential to following exactly the foods you need to eat then it will work.

There are of course exceptions and we can all lose differently the thing is though we will all lose.

Thank you so much for taking the time to respond :D

I just need to consider my options because whatever I decide to follow I have to be 100% commited and I am having a bit of a wobble at the moment :rolleyes: