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Starting to struggle

Am starting to struggle to get my morning shake down, mon, weds & fri, I have it at 5:30am, which is the prob I think it's to early I have NEVER eaten breakfast as it has always made me sick, even as a child. I remember the dr telling my mum to try and get me to eat a biscuit or a fun size choc in the morning to get my blood sugar levels up but I never could ( now you show me 1 child that would turn down choc for breakfast lol)

Tues & thurs I have it at 6:30, which is ok'ish.

I don't know if it's the fact I down my whole shake. I can't drink it slowly otherwise I wouldn't finish it.

I am going to keep going regardless. Seeing as before I couldn't drink it without gagging over the kitchen sink!
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Couldn't you take a tetra to work with you and have it later?


this time - the last time
If a tetra doesn't work - couldn't you have a bar for breakfast? And again - cant you delay eating it until your first break?
I agree with the others, hav it in a break if u can, tetras are much smaller so go down quicker, make it work for you x
I get up at 6 and I don't have my first tetra until about 10am and that seems to work for me
Good luck x

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