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Step2 810kcal Starting Today, my 810 step 2 diary and mission to lose 4.5 stones!

Discussion in 'CD Weight Loss Diaries' started by pudpud, 5 May 2014 Social URL.

  1. pudpud

    pudpud Well-Known Member

    Hi there,

    Well i've finally bitten the bullet and decided to open a diary. I went to see my CDC last week who was lovely and went straight on the SS plan, i had a good 2 days but the bank holiday hit and i went AWOL. I looked and my 3 sachets a day and totally freaked out that this was all i was to survive on for the next few months. I miss food, so i thought long and hard about what to do, i don't want to give up but i don't want to live on just the packs alone either. Step 2 seems the perfect balance for me at the moment.
    Anything i lost in those 1st two days would have gone straight back on with my sat and sun binges :cry:.
    I am starting afresh today. I have approx 4.5 stones to lose.
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  3. Kiwichan

    Kiwichan Well-Known Member

    Best of luck!
  4. Sophiesophs

    Sophiesophs Well-Known Member

    Hey sweetie! Hang on in there! Just get through the first 4 days and then you'll feel physically better......after that it's just a psychological battle! Keep drinking as much as you can evenly throughout the day and keep busy busy busy!!! X

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