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Starting today :-)

Awwww good luck. I'm starting on Monday eeeeek. I tried CS before and found it really good, but lacked in motivation and slipped off the wagon.

2nd time around I should be fine :) (fingers crossed) xxx
Thanks I like your goals so you have something to look forward to. what a great idea :)
So far so good today! I have had two banana shakes a cheese snack and an orange. Tonight I had chicken and cheese wrapped in bacon with broccoli and cauliflower. Tonight will be the hardest part.
Good luck on the diet, just a tip although dont know if others will agree. Although youre allowed nuts and cheese as snacks try not to combine those things with your main meals too much. While we are allowed them because they are low carb and high protien they are still high fat and too much isnt good :/
So if you have cheese as a snack in the afternoon try not to have nuts at night, or cheese with your dinner kinda thing, and maybe only have these higher "fat" type snacks every second day at the most and go for fruit or something other times.

Hope this helps :) Main thing is to stay positive and confident , because this diet "does" work ! :D
Thanks for you advice Emlou it is more than welcome as I need all the help I can get!!
Today going well. Had a caramel shake for breakfast and then an orange for a snack. Had family round for dinner and they had dinner from the chip shop and I was so good and had a grilled cod with fry light! so will just have a shake for tea tonight and have a yogurt for a snack.
So motivated at the moment lets hope it continues lol xxx
Hope you are all doing well xx
Good Luck!! Sounds like you are doing well so far.

I'm starting for the 2nd time on Monday & hope I don't give up because I have rubbish willpower when it comes to food!!
My willpower is usually rubbish too especially with slimming world lol x
Sunday today and just made my husband a bacon and egg toastie but I had a chocolate shake and actually enjoyed it! Am going to do a sunday lunch for the family today and have decided to have a lamb shank for me with loads of veggies :)
Got on the scales this morning and already dropped 4lbs and my stomach is a lot flatter.
Can't believe it is this easy!
Day 4 today and have lots of extra energy today:) Had a chocolate shake this morning for brekkie and am now having cucumber and hummus as my snack. will try the soup for my lunch today and then thinking of a nice fry up tonight with bacon, sausage and egg.
Hope you are all doing well xx
Seems you are doing really well!!

I'm just confused on what I can or cannot have for evening meals. I don't want to eat something that will ruin the whole diet for me.
I think as long as your evening meal is low carb its ok. Had the chicken soup today and it was awful.
Day 5 and just had a sneaky peak at the scales and I am 6lbs down so far!! In work til 1 today so having a vanilla shake now and its really nice like ice cream soup lol! Another shake after work and then will nip to asda for some inspiration for tea. xx
Had a cooked chicken from asda for tea with veggies. Feeling so tired tonight and my legs are like lead. I think the lack of carbs are finally catching up with me :-(
How is everyone else doing??
Up and showered this morning feeling much better than I did last night. Will have a vanilla shake this morning:) I have bought stuff to do chilli in the slow cooker today will have it with no rice but will take all my willpower not to have a wrap!!
I'm starting to feel more tired. I'm one who lived on Pasta, Baked Potatoes & Bread so I'm having a severe Carbs withdrawal.

I had a Vanilla Milkshake this morning & I think it has to be my favourite, very moreish as well!!
Yeah I love the vanilla shake too, its like ice cream soup!! I have just had some Reggae reggae chicken for dinner I love this diet lol x
Having another vanilla shake this morning:) Was a bit naughty last night and had a wrap with my chilli :mad: But back on track today.
Need to go and get some more shakes today and its weigh in day tomorrow for the end of week 1 :confused:
:DWeigh in at the end of week 1 and have lost 6lbs!!!
Really pleased with that and have stocked up on some more shakes. Off to work now :)

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