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Starting today


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Morning all - well day one has arrived - along with a corker of a cold! Have had a Lemsip - not sure if that is allowed but as I am only on day 1 does it really matter?!! :confused:
Well, here's to my bottle of water - trying to save my shake until 11 but constantly thinking of food - guess that is to be expected. Wouldn't normally bother me as I often don't do food in the morning but I think it is because now I can't have it that I want it!!
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I will do this...

Goodluck for day one. This is day 4 for me.

Sorry that you have a cold - seems to be going around. Everyone is coughing and sneezing at work. I use that First Defence spray - for me, it really does stop the cold.

Hi, best of luck for your journey! I can remember the first couple of days, and thinking about food for so much of the day, if you resist the thoughts replacing them with thoughts of why you're eating healthy and how bad your 'normal' diet was, then it can help fight them off but the first few days are hardest but it's so rewarding when you get to the stage where the diet becomes a bit more of the norm for you! Looking forward to reading your progress, good luck!


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Well, it is finally (almost evening)!! Dying my hair right now and then going for a long soak in the tub before my soup. Blooming starving though!!! Or at least my mind keeps telling me that I am but my tummy isn't rumbling or anything - probably because of all that water sloshing around! If I can get through tonight then tomorrow hopefully won't be as bad!


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hi, yeah am aware of that now! but as it was day 1 and that was the only meds in the house (aside from Calpol, which lets face it, is about as effective as - not sure of an analogy here, but you can guess what I am getting at!) I decided the cold won out for the morning so had one but that was it and haven't had any more since then!
When I had a really bad cold on LighterLife, I drank some of the st clements fibre adder thing - although it didnt help physically, it made me feel a bit better in my head!

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