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Starting tom, scared of weigh in

Hi All, this is my first post. I was due to start at WW last week but I chickened out as I am the heaviest I have ever been and I am just soo scared to go and have my weight written down, it makes it official. I am hoping to pluck up the courage to go tomorrow, but am worried I will talk myself out of going and into 'one last blowout' instead. I have had so many last blow outs since christmas it is not funny. Feeling a little down, so thought I would look for some like minded people to help keep me on track.
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Youve almost done the hardest part. Youre planning on going. I can sympathise with how youre feeling, been there SO many times, and youre right, it can be scary/sobering/depressing seeing your weight written down in black & white but on the plus side once its done, its done & it can only get better from there on in.

Go for it, go to your class :) The sooner you take that step the sooner you can take the next step which is getting on the diet properly and then watching the lbs fall off :)


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Remember the person weighing you has been there themselves!
and no one else finds out how much you weigh, it's confidential, she has a screen facing her, it doesnt flash up on the scale. And she doesnt say what you weigh. Infact I don't think she has ever said my weight to me, just how much I've lost.

After the meeting new members stay behind (and I bet you wont be the only new one) and she takes you through how to work out the points.

Another thing is, I was up 1.5lbs last weigh in due to monthly timings, and she didnt get me to announce this at all which i thought was great. If you lose you get to say how much youve lost.

Give it a go, you have only the weight to lose!!!
Thanks, at the moment I just cant understand how I let myself get this big, but as you say, the hardest step is turning up tomorrow, then hopefully I will continue to go in the right direction. Have got as far as planning little treats for myself (non food) for each half stone, I have just got to loose it now!
I think we all have the "how did I let myself get to this" conversation with ourselves.
But its the now you are dealing with and making the decision to go is the first step. Just think when you step on the scales its the last time you will see that figure, because it will drop every week.

Theres always so much support from everyone on here if you need to ask anything.
Good luck:)
1 hour before the meeting and still intending to go at the moment, just thought I would come on here and be inspired before I leave. Thanks for the supportive comments so far, next week I will be lighter as long as I go today!


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Go on girl, you can do it.....go to that meeting!! It could and probably will be the best thing that you ever do for yourself....and just think, whatever that weight is tonight, it doesnt matter, because with WW, this could and will be the last time that you ever are that weight, its all downhill from now.....trust me, no one there is gonna judge you on what you weigh, they will just welcome you to the group with open arms, and you will be so chuffed you went!! bet you anything you'll be on top of the world afterwards for having made that step!!


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Hi Sezzy, just wanted to say hope things went well for you tonight.


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we all thinking of you, let us know
Well I went and am really pleased I did. Felt horrible getting on the scales and seeing it go up to such a horrendous figure, but at least I am now doing something about it. Working in a school today but prepared a bag of healthy food so I would not succumb to the sponge in the canteen and am off to the gym tonight. Cant wait to see what I loose now. Long as its 3 stone by next week I will be happy as then I would have a reasonable amount of weight left to loose, lol.


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honey u wont lose 3 stone in a week???
hope thats a miss type
between 1 and 7lb on ur first week is normal.
glad u went and now u can join in the ww chat
Think sezzy was just having a joke hun. Well done for taking the first step, that's the hardest part over and done with, and good luck with your weight loss journey xxxx


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ooo lol thick me, sorry. ignore me too many glasses of water

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